Freesat Recordings cut off before program ends.

  audeal 00:09 11 Oct 2009

Does anybody have the same problem as me. When I record a program on my Foxsat- HDR the program I am recording stops recording about two minutes before it is finnished and the recorder shuts dawn.

I thought this only happened with the BBC but this evening it happened on More 4, so this shows that it can happen on any station.

This is most annoying if I want to record a documentry and burn it to disc but loose the end of the program. If it is a series then it completely ruins the series. I have not found any answers or even any mention of this problem on their website.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks.

  Stuartli 00:36 11 Oct 2009

Only thing that comes to mind is that the clock setting is incorrect.

  BRYNIT 01:14 11 Oct 2009

A few things that could cause this.

The Clock. Make sure the clock is set at the correct time.

Program time. If the program is running late you will miss the last bit the recorder does not know if the program is going to be late.

I have found that the program guide is not always accurate or sometimes have incorrect programs listed.

To help prevent the loss you could change the recording to start one minute early just incase it starts early and upto 5 minutes after the program finishes. Most recorders allow you to trim the adverts etc before burning to a DVD.

  Jollyjohn 07:19 11 Oct 2009

I always record the program after as well - just in case!

  morddwyd 07:21 11 Oct 2009

I think this is a function of the EPG rather than the broadcaster. Unfortunately the EPG provider is decided by the manufacturer.

However, most recorders allow you to add time to the end of the programme. Not ideal though, as it sometimes means you miss the start of another programme because of a timing clash.

  audeal 19:42 11 Oct 2009

I have checked the program timings and found they where set to start one minute early and the ending is set to Auto, so I changed Auto to 3 Minutes and from a small test I carried out this seems to have cured the problem. Thanks for all your imput. I will tick this thread now.

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