FreeSat & HD Ready TV - question please,

  AngeTheHippy 21:24 08 Aug 2008

Evening Chaps, I have a Samsung HD ready TV with integrated Freeview. I'm quite interested in Freesat, in particular this item::

click here

Can someone tell me please,

a) will it be possible to override the built-in FreeView, and
b) I think I'll need a Satellite dish won't I??



  tullie 21:28 08 Aug 2008

Yes,you need a dish,your old sky one will do if you have one.

  AngeTheHippy 21:32 08 Aug 2008

Oh Noooo!!! I don't have a Sky dish... better get one then... 8-(

Thanks tullie,


  Technotiger 08:07 09 Aug 2008

Hi, you do NOT need a dish! I too have a Samsung 22" Widescreen LCD TV/Monitor, with integrated Freeview. I alternate its use between my PC (using it now as I type this) and watching TV - mine is the SyncMaster 225MD. I have a normal roof-top TV aerial.

  Technotiger 08:13 09 Aug 2008

I did not look at your link before I posted my response - and having re-read you Post I would have to agree with tullie - SORRRRY!

  AngeTheHippy 08:33 09 Aug 2008

shat's alright, I forgive ya... what a bally neusance this is though!!

Hey ho.....


  MIke 08:35 09 Aug 2008

The link you have posted is for a Humax PVR9300T hard drive recorder for Terrestrial broadcasts. This is not a freesat product but f
a freeview recorder.If you want freesat then at the same site is this click here which is a freesat box however it does not record though I believe Humax are releasing a freesat recorder later this year. For this you will need a sat dish about £80 installed with the freesat box if bought as package from retailer.

I just replaced my Mother's Sky box with the Humax freesat box and was easy to set up. Though she did of course already have a sky dish on her house.


  MIke 08:42 09 Aug 2008

Also freeview doesn't carry HD channels at the moment so you won't benefit from the item you gave a link to. The Humax I linked does have HD you simply connect your tv with HDMI cable supplied in the Humax freesat box. you view the Freesat signal via the appropriate External input on your TV there is no need to disable Freeview on your TV.

  dms_05 08:51 09 Aug 2008

Sky also do a very good Freesat offer - for only £75 they will install a dish and supply a Digibox for viewing free channels. In addition they give you 3 or 4 months of free access to some of the Sky PayTV channels. You don't have to pay for any Sky channels if you don't want them but if you do then the other Sky 'free' offers become effective - free Broadband and free phone calls.

It really is worth looking at - I pay Sky £16/month but for that get Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk and that's a lot cheaper than paying BT for Broadband and phone call charges!

You can buy the Sky £75 offer in almost any of the major Supermarkets (I've seen it in Tesco and ASDA).

The Sky deal means you buy the satellite equipment outright and it's yours to keep forever.

  AngeTheHippy 09:14 09 Aug 2008

CRIKEY!!! Thanks for pointing that out - I think there was FreeSat boxes on the same JL page i was looking at and automatically assumed (without reading the fairly large print!!) exactly what it was. Had I, then this::
click here
would have answered my original question! Coo - what can ya do?? Serves me right!!


  AngeTheHippy 09:18 09 Aug 2008

**we have a problem** (famous words...) my other half will not NOT NOT have anything to do with Sky, under ANY circumstances. He positively H-A-T-E-S them. I will not mention what he's calls **the antipodean one** who started it all.... I'd better leave it at that I think!!!


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