Freesat+ box - can I still watch Sky for a month?

  Pineman100 16:34 10 Dec 2008

Up to now I've had a full Sky subscription, but now that my new Humax Freesat+ PVR box has arrived, I'm going to give Sky the heave-ho.

However, I have to give them a month's notice, so - if possible - I'd like to continue watching any Sky programmes that I choose during that month.

I now have the Freesat box set up with two signal feeds from a twin LNB on my Sky dish. On the back of the Freesat box, the LNB1 input also has an output port, so I've experimented by connecting that output port to the input on my standard Sky box.

However, this doesn't seem to work. If I look at the Sky signal level indicator, it shows quite a good signal, but the signal quality indicator shows zero.

If I switch on the Sky box and then switch the Freesat box to standby, there are a couple of seconds when the Sky logo shows perfectly on the screen, but as soon as the Freesat box goes fully on to standby, the screen goes blank.

I suppose I could reconnect one of the LNB feeds directly to the Sky box, but I wondered if anyone knows of any successful way of routing a Sky signal out of the Freesat box, when both LNB's are connected to the Freesat box.

  tullie 16:42 10 Dec 2008

You could have axed sky,but still had sky freesat,would have saved you buying another box.Or stuck with the sky free channels,sorry i cant answer your question though.

  Pineman100 17:01 10 Dec 2008

Yes, but I wanted the HD and PVR facilities, neither of which my old Sky box has. So it made sense to get the new Humax unit.

  Stuartli 17:42 10 Dec 2008

As far as I'm aware you will need a separate feed for each box from the dish.

  Pineman100 19:10 10 Dec 2008

So what is the "LNB 1 out" port for? Any thoughts, please?

  Pineman100 10:42 12 Dec 2008


  Brenkk 16:30 12 Dec 2008

My understanding is that each freesat receiver needs a separate line from the LNB. The RF out on the skybox is only for an extra TV (Analogue)

  Graham. 17:20 12 Dec 2008

The LNB output will be polarized to Freesat, so it can't receive Sky. As you turn the Freesat box off, it will briefly default to Sky, but then re-polarize in standby.

The signal sent to the dish from Sky cannot go backwards through Freesat.

The LNB 1 Out could be used by a Freesat distribution system, I guess, though it is probably most often used as a loop-through if there is only one feed.

So you could use one feed for Sky and one for Freesat, and use the LNB 1 out to loop to LNB 2.

  Graham. 17:32 12 Dec 2008

If you do use the loop-through, you will be limited to certain channels to view whilst recording another channel.

  Graham. 17:54 12 Dec 2008

When you select a channel to record, it sends a signal to polarize to the dish, either vertical or horizontal. If you only have one feed connected, you can then only view other channels that have the same polarization.

If you have two feeds, and are recording two channels with the same polarization, again you can only watch the same channels. If you are recording two channels with different polarization, you can watch any other channel.

See click here, polarization V or H in left column.

  Pineman100 23:45 12 Dec 2008

Thanks so much for your comprehensive explanation. If I decide to remove one of my two feeds that go to the Freesat box (for the month that my Sky sub has left to run) would it matter whether I switch LNB 1 or LNB 2 back to Sky? LNB 1 is the one with the loop out (now unused).

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