Freelancer and DirectX

  Smee 12:57 10 Jun 2003

Freelancer will run the intro screens ok but when the main menu screen appears it freezes the display and I loose all the functions of the keyboard and mouse. I have to re-boot to gain control of the computer.
I have updated to the latest keyboard and mouse drivers (Logitech Cordless Optical)
I have installed (I think) DirectX 9 which unzips itself into a 'Temp' folder without any 'exe' files.
The game asks for DirectX 9 by the way.
How can I verify which DirectX version I am running? On searching the registry I find entries for DirectX 8 also for DirectX 6 ???
My computer main specs are:-
P4 2.8GHz CPU
512MB 2700 DDR memory
ATI Radeon 9700 pro graphics card
Windows XP + SP1 O.S.

  VoG™ 13:00 10 Jun 2003

To find which version of Direct X, Start, Run


and OK

  drummerdude436 13:05 10 Jun 2003

i assume you know how to run direct X? (start>run type 'dxdiag) it should tell you in there.
most games nowadays come with direct X version needed to run them on the game CD, so try looking on there.
if not, specfiy a directory to unzip the file to.

hope that helps


  hugh-265156 13:16 10 Jun 2003
  Smee 14:40 11 Jun 2003

Thank you all for the DirectX info. Yes, I do have DirectX 9 running on my machine. However, Freelancer will still not get past the menu screen, the display freezes and keyboard and mouse are disabled. The sound carries on ok. Any ideas please?

  hugh-265156 14:56 11 Jun 2003
  hugh-265156 15:01 11 Jun 2003

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