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Freeing up space on laptop C drive

  Daisy22 13:24 21 Mar 2015

I currently have 37 gb free out of 452 gb space on the drive.

I don't have a D drive.

Apart from defragmenting, clearing temporary files etc. what else can I get rid of in order to free up space.

I have some films/TV progs/music and a few folders in my pictures.

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 21 Mar 2015

Restore points take up a lot of space

you could delete all but the last restore point Do you use CCleaner? as well as being very good at removing temporary files it also manages restore points.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:38 21 Mar 2015

If you machine is running a windows upgrade i.e. from 7 to 8 you may have the old windows folder still on the drive that too can be deleted

  john bunyan 13:42 21 Mar 2015

Download and run Free Treesize. Then expand the C drive to look for folders that contain stuff you can delete.

I assume you have CCleaner. Go to Tools, click on system restore, keep latest 3, remove the others.

Films take up a lot of space. Maybe buy a USB HD and move them to that.

You have not stated the Op System. If you have updated, say from W8 to W 8.1 have a look to see if you have a folder called windows.old

Use disc clean-up to remove old unnecessary updates.(Start, System tools, disk cleanup (this can also remove the windows.old folder, if you have one.

To be safe, suggest making a restore point before you start.

  john bunyan 13:43 21 Mar 2015

PS Treesize see


  Daisy22 15:32 21 Mar 2015

Sorry I'm running windows 7, does that help?

  Daisy22 15:34 21 Mar 2015

I forgot to say I run crap cleaner at least twice a week

  john bunyan 15:55 21 Mar 2015

Yes but how many restore points have you ? Run C Cleaner, Tools, System restore to see . Remove the oldest leaving, say, the latest 3

Windows 7 is fine, do look for big folders and files with treesize.

  wee eddie 16:35 21 Mar 2015

With so little "Free" Space ~ defrag may not work.

Time to think about buying an External Drive and keeping things like Movies and old Photo Albums on it.

  Daisy22 17:02 21 Mar 2015

I've downloaded and am presently running Treesize as suggested.

The problem is, I'm not techy enough to know what I can delete and what I can't.

I know that files .tmp can be deleted but what about other file extensions?

I can see some .sys files so I assume these are system files and can't be deleted.

I have a file that says BOOK, I have no idea what this is but it is 101 mb.

Also AdwCleaner is 144 mb

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 21 Mar 2015

adwcleaner.exe is 2.07mb

if you mean the folder on C drive then delete it as it contains all the quarantined items and logs.

do not delete any .sys files

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