freeing up space on HD where my system folder is

  algo mas 17:06 01 Jul 2008

I have photo delux 3 home [adobe]. I like this!

Anway when I try to print multiple photos a box comes up:
There is not enough space on the hard drive where your system files are.

Free up more space on the hard drive where your system files are or print less multiples.

So how do I free up more space?


  woodchip 17:12 01 Jul 2008

Its not just system files, you must be down on free space on the Drive. That means removing programs games etc that you do not use. From Add Remove Programs in the Control Panel. To find how much free space you have on C:\ right click it and choose properties

  tullie 17:13 01 Jul 2008

How much room have you left on the drive?

  algo mas 17:20 01 Jul 2008

I have 27gb left.
If I "compress" my hard drive [shown in properties] will it free up space please?

  peter99co 17:27 01 Jul 2008

How many photos are you trying to print and what size are they in kb or mb

  Quiller. 17:28 01 Jul 2008

also know as virtual memory.

Adobe needs lots of it.

  algo mas 18:02 01 Jul 2008

317klb per photo

I am trying to print 16 of them.However if I lower this to 8 I still get the same warning.

I do not know how to find virtual memory but I have 512 ram installed.
Will not be able to answer any more today as I am off to work.

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