dewskit 19:14 30 Apr 2005

I have been asked by a blind friend if I knew anything about this product.

Search on Google brings up loads of information from the manufacturer, but has anyone actual experience of it?

It seems to come in various guises including a plug in USB drive and enables screen reading and voice synthesis to allow a blind user to navigate his computer and the internet.

Obviously this is a niche product, so just hoped there good be someone out there who has experience thereof, possible in aiding a blind user keep his computer up and running

Thank you all in anticipation

  dewskit 20:32 30 Apr 2005


  Giant68 21:21 30 Apr 2005


I don't know anything about the freedombox that you mention but I do know a small bit about helping a blind person use a PC.
My friend uses a software package called Windoweyes as a screenreader to navigate thru' windows. She also has a package called Kurtzweil which works as an OCR package with her scanner to enable her to read documents, post etc. One thig I do know is that software for the blind seems to damned expensive! I shall follow your thread with interest. Feel free to e-mail me via the yellow envelope if you want to know any more about PC's and the blind, I am more trhan willing to share my meagre knowledge with you.


  Buchan 35 22:55 30 Apr 2005

I`ve no knowledge of anything to help the blind but I`ve a lot of time that you can use if you want to point me in any direction.

  dewskit 23:04 30 Apr 2005


Many thanks for coming back.

My friend John, down in Cornwall (I am in Yorkshire!) has already been using HAL screenreader software for some years. As you say this is horrendously expensive, even the upgrades cost an arm and a leg.
He has apparently come across some info regarding the Freedombox in a Braille magazine, and wondered if it was as good as it is cracked up to be. Certainly at around £200 it is a great deal cheaper than the other thing - I think an upgrade costs more than that. It would be nice to find someone who has actual hands on experience, and can give an honest opinion.
Alas the PC Magazines do not seem to run Lab Tests on software with such a limited appeal - perhaps someone should suggest that they ought to do so under the Disability Rights Act!

  dewskit 23:09 30 Apr 2005

Buchan 35

Many thanks for your interest, and your offer of time, which God knows is a precious enough commodity!

I have had a look at the Google search results on Freedombox, and unfortunately in the time I had to read through it, most of the references seemed to be to the manufacturers site. It would be nice to get some unbiased opinions of users as to whether it really lives up to its claims.

If you would like to delve a little deeper and come back to me if you can discover anything more, I and John, would be most grateful.

Again, many thanks for your interest.

  Giant68 01:36 01 May 2005

I have passed the url of one of the freedombox websites to my blind friend, hopefully she may find some references to it in some of the forums she subscribes to. Somebody must know something about it.


  Buchan 35 16:39 01 May 2005

I`ve had a look at manufacturer sites and anything Google, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo could come up with and it would appear that the specialised info you need for your friend must come from users, so I`ve emailed the RNIB, outlined the problem and asked if they could help. Now all I can do is wait. Have you spoken with any of the websites? or as an example a firm like PC World who might sell the item? I`ll keep trying of course and if I can find a site with good feedback I`ll be in touch. Regards.

  Buchan 35 16:51 01 May 2005

Just in case you`ve not looked at this one try
click here and have a look at the selections on the lefthand side. There is some very good info there that if I needed to I`d act on.

  dewskit 21:44 01 May 2005

Giant68 and Buchan 35

Sorry I have not been on line before this evening.

Many thanks to you both for troubling to follow this up for me, I am most grateful.

As Buchan 35 mentioned, what we really need is a blind user who has actually tried the Freedombox.
The RNIB may well be a useful first link - why didn't I think of that?

Naturally the manufacturers are going to hype it for all it worth, and I gather there is nothing like the Trades Descriptions, and Advertising Standards Acts in the USA - otherwise they could never advertise pills 'guaranteeing weight loss without dieting' and other such dubious claims!

Will put an answered marker on this thread, but please feel free to email me if you have anything else useful

Many thanks again

  woodchip 21:48 01 May 2005

There may be something hear that may help it will need time to search click here=

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