Freecom Media Player3

  muffin1947 12:42 29 Aug 2009

I have a Freecom media player 3 which has developed a fault and needs replacing.I saw this item on Ebay but was told you need a seperate hard drive as it does not come with one.Does anyone anything about this item is it worth buying and how do tou use it.

Freecom WLAN-350 Media Player Drive In Kit

  GaT7 16:59 29 Aug 2009

Couple of independent reviews click here & click here. G

  yorkieman 21:12 29 Aug 2009

do yourself a favour have a look at the western digital hd media player got mine from amazon plays mkv files flac files and just about every other also has hdmi output wouldn't be without mine even the wife likes it and its cheaper

  muffin1947 08:22 30 Aug 2009

Hi Yorkieman the item you suggest does it connect to the tv.At present the files are on my PC which is upstairs and I transfer them to my media player take it downstairs and connect it to my TV and play them.Is that what you do.

  yorkieman 23:39 05 Sep 2009

sorry for the delay been away for a few days to answer your question yes it has hdmi out for lcd or plasma hi def tvs also has a composite out for ctvs. watching hi def downloaded programmes the pictures is stunning it also upscales to 1080p if your tv is capable of 1080p or 720p and it has optical out to connect to a av reciver for 5.1 audio plus it will also upscale any divx file the unit is very small about the size of your hand but what a performer

  muffin1947 08:45 07 Sep 2009

Hi again yorkieman had a look at what you suggested on Amazon and it looks ideal.At present my video files are on a external drive which is connected to the PC so would I have to bring that hard drive downstairs to use in conjunction with the media player and TV ie connect the media player to the TV and connect the hard drive to the media player.Or do I take the media player upstairs transfer the files to it and take it back downstairs and connect to the TV.Hope this makes sense to you and sorry it is so longwinded.Thanks for your advice.

  The Old Mod 09:03 07 Sep 2009

Hi Muffin1947, I have the WD media player and it's a great piece of kit. I leave my player hooked up to the TV and take the external drive to the PC for adding or removing files etc. Mine runs through a surround sound system via an optical cable.

  muffin1947 09:08 07 Sep 2009

Hi the old mod as I do not want to go to the bother of taking my hard drive upstairs and downstairs everytime I want to play a video file maybe I should get a second external drive just to use with the media player and saw this one on ebay what do you think plenty of room on it.

click here

  The Old Mod 09:41 07 Sep 2009

Hi Muffin1947, I do not carry the external drive back and forth from the PC, I loaded a most of my films onto the drive at the start and just add the odd film now and then. Obviously the bigger the drive the more films etc that can be stored, and I would think 500gb minimum. If you get a media player with a built in drive, files still have to be loaded from a PC. The good thing with the WD is as already stated is that it has HDMI, Optical, and Phono sockets, it also has two USB sockets so that files can be played from a flash drive. I use a WD passport drive, that way it receives power from the media player and no extra power supply needed.

  muffin1947 11:15 07 Sep 2009

Hi The Old Mod I have moved all the video files from my old Freecom media player to my spare external hard drive and it is only using about 30gb altogether and as it is a 160gb drive that should suffice I thin and save me buying another one.It is a iomega 160gb hard drive.I have ordered the Western Digital Media player from Amazon should arrive in five days.Thanks for all your help and you Yorkieman

  yorkieman 14:29 07 Sep 2009

no problem muffin1947 just glad i could help if you have any problems just post on here there is a large community of wd owners who will give you advice and help enjoy

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