Freecom DVB-T USB Hybrid stick

  The Teacher 23:15 03 Jan 2008

I have had one these bought as an xmas present for use with my laptop when away from home. I have installed the TryMedia software that comes with it, the laptop picks up the device but when I scan for channels I get "no channels found" in either digital or analogue mode.

I haven't tried to connect it to the rooftop antenna as I want it working without, as where I go there are no rooftop antennae.

I have tried with the software supplied and with the WinXP Media Centre and get the same message. I know I can get Freeview within my area as a neighbour has it and I want to check that the stick works.

Also what video setting, i.e. PAL, PAL-I etc., would I need?

I have had a look at the threads on this topic but none seem specific to my problem.


The Teacher

  MCE2K5 23:19 03 Jan 2008

Video Setting for UK = PAL-I and a Better Aerial.

  [email protected] 23:21 03 Jan 2008

try it with rooftop aerial to validate its working.

As for where you going no rooftop access,unless you can get a good clear signal you wont pick anything up,ie the small supplied aerial may only pick up if in a unobstructed open area with good signal strength
unlikely to pick up anything indoors

  Technotiger 23:23 03 Jan 2008

Assuming you are in UK, PAL!

The positioning of the little aerial supplied with the USB stick, is absolutely critical, moving it a few inches in any direction can make all the difference - with mine I used the roof-top aerial. Also, although a neighbour gets a digital signal does not mean that you will too, Position is the keyword here. For instance, if you know your neighbour, ask if you could try out your stick with laptop, in their actual location to see if the results are any better.

  Stuartli 00:41 04 Jan 2008

Add an efficient portable TV aerial - the Telecam TCE2000 at £9.99 from Argos is very efficient:

click here

Even so, it will not always bring in the ITV related stations using the 64QAM transmissions even in a good signal area; the BBC and many other operators use 16QAM.

I use one for a bedroom portable TV and it brings in 95-97 per cent of all TV and radio stations on Freeview.

  UncleP 00:43 04 Jan 2008

When setting the system up, the signal strength is shown as a sequence of (7?) vertical bars of increasing height, green when lit up, on top of a TV set representation in the bottom left corner. You need to have most if not all showing for reliable sound and picture generation. The little aerial supplied requires a very strong signal; indoors I couldn't get any visible response at all on the signal srength indicator (South London, near Hampton Court). With a reasonable set-top aerial some channels were ok, but most 'stuttered' or froze from time to time.

Frankly, I was impressed by the size and potential performance of the device, but in my view the concept is let down by the need in most areas for a much larger aerial at ten times the price in order to obtain reliable performance over the majority of the TV channels detected.

  The Teacher 19:22 04 Jan 2008

Thanks for the advise above.

I will have to try it outdoors, when the weather picks up, as where I will eventually use it will be outdoors.

If no joy then I will get another arial and try that.

The Teacher

  [email protected] 21:33 04 Jan 2008

The outdoors...
Mine perfectly picked up 67 channels in various locations with the supplied aerial,i suppose thats subject to tower blocks,trees etc
Good luck

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