freecom dtv stick stopped working

  [DELETED] 21:48 21 Jan 2006

my freecom dtv stick was working perfectly until this evening.I used it this afternoon,but when i tried to use it this evening it did not light up and was not my pc.When I plug it into a usb socket it comes up no recognised.I tried other usb sockets ,same result.However when i connected it to my laptop it worked perfectly.All the other items (ie printer,scanner etc.)connected by usb work perfectly as normal.Any ideas as to what has happened?

  [DELETED] 21:59 21 Jan 2006

Try removing the stick, uninstalling via Control Panel Add/Remove programs, re-installing and connecting the stick.

  [DELETED] 22:23 21 Jan 2006

I tried that but unfortnately I have lost the serial number .It was on the paper envelope that the instalation disc was in.I have tried the serial number on the actual stick ,but comes up wrong s/n.I have looked in he files on my laptop but can't find it.

  [DELETED] 23:27 21 Jan 2006

has anyone any idea how i can get a serial number for the dtv stic.

  [DELETED] 23:31 21 Jan 2006

The serial no on the stick is not the same as the one with the software. You could try asking Freecom for a new serial, or ask someone who has the same card for theirs.

  [DELETED] 00:42 22 Jan 2006

I have visited the freecom forum only to find other people with the same loss of serial no. problem.What a stupid place to put the only version of the serial number.If anone can give me a copy of their s/n.I would be very grateful.This isn't a scam ,I can show a copy of the receipt from maplins .

  [DELETED] 00:50 22 Jan 2006

I have also tried restore my system back to several different dates but thois also didn't keeps coming up unabble to restore to an earlier time.

  [DELETED] 01:09 22 Jan 2006

Your much better off giving freecom a call on 0044-1423-704715 and explaining your situation, I'm fairly confident they can supply you with a serial/support.

  [DELETED] 02:19 25 Jan 2006

Freecom have sent me the serial number and I have reinstalled the program but my computer still does not recognise the USB hardware.It was working perfectly, then sudenly stopped All my other usb connected periferals work .It also woeks on my laptop with no problems.For some reason my PC will not recognise the DVB-T stick now.

  [DELETED] 15:13 25 Jan 2006

solved by following this link.anniesboy68

Wed, 18/01/[email protected]:54

Try switching the computer off and at the wall. Then hold the start switch in for 30 seconds or more, and then re boot. Just try!!!!!The pc had reverted to USB1.

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