Freecom DTV stick probs

  Ray5776 19:19 26 Jan 2006

Hello all,
I am trying to re-setup my DTV stick after I had to repace my HD. I have all other devices up and running OK but the Freecom stick is causing endless aggro. Tried it in various USB ports, get messages
(created errors) (capture device failed) or machine cant see it at all or when it does see it autoscan will find no channels. If I try it on my sons PC it works fine, same aerial and same installation disk.
I have finally managed to get it to tune in at last, TV channels & Radio channels but no picture on TV channels, screen appears but is blank.
Can anyone help please.

PC is well over the min specs.

Thanks Ray

  howard63 20:14 26 Jan 2006

have you run your mobo cd to set up everything after the new hd installed?

  Ray5776 20:55 26 Jan 2006

Hi Howard, thanks for your response. No I did not run the mobo CD, was unaware this was necessary, at which point should I have run it.
Can I run it now? Need advice on this please, not used to trying to repair this sort of breakdown
(Pleased to say).

Thanks Ray

  bluenote 23:39 26 Jan 2006

Your USB ports have probably reverted to usb1 instead of usb2.Disconnect you computer from the wall socket and hold in the start button for 30 seconds.Then switch on as normal you will probably find that dtv will start.It worked for me.I had the same problem.

  Ray5776 00:13 27 Jan 2006

Thanks bluenote,
my USB ports are USB2, I cant understand why they should become USB1 when they have allways been USB2.
I have tried the hold the start button trick as I have seen it in previous postings. I am a bit sceptical about the start button thing. You only hear from the people it has seemed to have worked for, not the others for whom it failed to do anything including myself. It could be that a restart would have sorted the prob anyway.


  Ray5776 00:25 27 Jan 2006

The only thing I can think of is that by holding the start button in it will discharge the capacitors on the mobo but I still do not see how this will make the DTV usb device work.

  bluenote 00:38 27 Jan 2006

I don't know the technicalities but I do know that it worked for me .I was having the same problems as you describe(computer not recognising USB device)I did exactly as I advised and hey presto DTV working again.Another thing is make a copy of the set up serial number as it differs from the one on the actual stick,and the only copy is on the paper envelope the disc comes in.

  Ray5776 21:24 28 Jan 2006

Hi again,
still having problems with Freecom DTV usb stick.
works fine on my sons PC, same arial, same installation disk. On mine however it instals Ok, runs the autoscan and detects many channels. Audio is fine but no picture on screen ie just a grey box where the picture should be (In the window).
Any ideas, this seems like something silly to me but I cant seem to sort it.

Thanks Ray

  howard63 12:24 29 Jan 2006

hi just got back on you can run the mobo cd anytime and it will set up things that are needed for your system to run. When you first set up a new hard drive or reformat I run the mobo cd as soon as windows has installed. This gets most of the bits working properly.

  Ray5776 23:18 29 Jan 2006

Thanks or your reply howard63, my 20yr old son (not computer wise at all) sat at the machine and said "what`s up with the monitor, graphics are useless" he is used to playing games so is familiar with display settings. I dont think it took him a full minute to change the settings and get his stuff and my DTV card working. The lesson to me is, never assume anything, I had assumed that nobody or nothing (ie virus) would change the display settings, mistake.

Thanks for your help
(Never assume ANYTHING!)

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