Freecom 80 gb mobile drive

  JONTEES 19:18 01 Feb 2010

Hi please help.
i have a freecom 80 gb external hardrive & my computers wont recognise it. it has been working fine & i have some important work on it i need to retrieve. if you put it to your ear whilst plugged in it makes a clicking sound so i fear the worst. is there any way ( if it is knackered ) to get the files off ???
best regards

  johnnyrocker 20:04 01 Feb 2010

is it in a caddy or what? and what os?


  JONTEES 20:32 01 Feb 2010

its freecom 80gb mobile drive model code PHGBAA
you plug it in with a usb using windows xp

  johnnyrocker 22:41 01 Feb 2010

do other usb items work ok? if this is the only one try uninstalling in device manager then reboot and let windows re install?


  JONTEES 18:59 02 Feb 2010

hi the other usb items work fine. ive tried it on more than one computer but the clicking still continues. i have never installed this device, it just plugs in & away you go ( when its not clicking ) im baffled how to get the files off it

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