Freecell keeps saving the same game

  hawthorn59 03:25 31 Dec 2008


On my new laptop, I notice that Freecell keeps saving the same game, or should I say keeps re opening the same game when I start it.

I turned off save game option, dealt a new game, closed, restarted Frecell, and turned on save game again. But even though I stop in the middle of a new game, the next time it re opens the older game.
This is weird, though I think I remember having that problem a few years ago...



  hawthorn59 14:55 01 Jan 2009

But it still puzzles me as to why I should have to do that. Ive just opened it and a game loaded. I completed the game and closed down. Then I reopened Freecell and the game loaded from its previous state. Very puzzling and annoying. Basically it means that re open saved game feature is faulty.

I have checked "always save game on exit" but if the game was completed surely thats what it should save? Anyway I'll just have to disable it.

happy new year


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