Freecell hanging

  BHG 17:36 06 Jul 2004

Freecell is loaded on my system (Windows 98SE)and was working well until recently.

Now when I select new game the play area sets up but the game 'hangs' I can select end game Ok and game close. I have tried deleting the Freecell programme and re-loading but the same thing happens each time.

Any suggestions?


  Djohn 17:51 06 Jul 2004

Does the word "Freecell" show at the top of the window or is it a jumble of characters?

When I was using 98SE the same would happen to me if AVG anti-virus was running or if I had the check email plug-in ticked from AVG.

Removing the tick or closing AVG while playing would always work but I never found a proper cure. j.

  Graham ® 17:58 06 Jul 2004

click here for a better version plus more. I challenge you to win at Forty Thieves!

  Graham ® 18:07 06 Jul 2004

Argh! It's not on the new version!

  Shas 18:26 06 Jul 2004

Won Forty Thieves 7 times on BVS Solitaire. (Mind you, I've lost 219 times!)

  Graham ® 20:43 06 Jul 2004

Thanks. I (foolishly) downloaded the latest version of 123, but no Forty Thieves. My earlier version has gone. System Restore retained the later version! Any data recovery suggestions?

  end 20:51 06 Jul 2004

nevr had problems WITH it, and been looking for a repair program for it on my computer , but none found

??is it STILL happening????

and...just a " wild card thought"...???have you run SFC " just to see" if anythign IS " wrong"?????

  TOMMO01 22:29 06 Jul 2004

Check that your graphics card is firmly located in its slot.

I had exactly the same problem on my parents computer. Even did a reload, still happen. Opened up the case, pushed the card down a little, and it moved, and quess what, FREECELL damn well worked.

  Shas 08:21 07 Jul 2004

Sorry no, but try click here for their solitaire games. I started off with the free download (where some of the games were locked) but liked it so much I paid the £15 or whatever to register and got the full version. Can't remember now if Forty Thieves was on the freebie, but it's worth checking out. :o)

  Graham ® 10:05 07 Jul 2004

Can't see a free or trial version.

  Graham ® 10:12 07 Jul 2004

Found it. You just click 'Download' instead of 'Buy'. It has Forty Thieves! I'll give it a whirl.

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