free word processing software for android tablet

  manrow 14:37 29 Dec 2014

I use Microsoft Word on my computers: is there an easy free word processing package which my wife could use on her Samsung Galaxy tablet?

  lotvic 14:49 29 Dec 2014

My Galaxy Tab came with the free Polaris Office already installed, if you haven't got it you can download from Google play ClickHere

  Batch 15:58 29 Dec 2014

I thought Android came with office type applications.

E.g. Android 4 has QuickOffice, Android 5 has Google Docs

If you want another application just type Office into the Google Play search. Kingsoft Office (aka WPS Mobile Office) is one of the most popular and highly rated.

One of the things to watch out for is whether they store documents locally (i.e. on the device) or in the cloud or both. Google Docs is heavily oriented towards the Cloud. Polaris, seeemingly, tries to do both. Depends what you want....

  iscanut 17:09 29 Dec 2014

Microsoft Office is a free download for the I Pad. And I have Word and Excel on my I pad. And both appear to be full working versions. Nor sure about android but worth investigating.

  Jwbjnwolf 14:40 30 Dec 2014

Not exactly the same as native applications but when I used to have an iPad for college I always used the online Microsoft Office Webapps that are connected to OneDrive. That's a great solution if you're able to be on the Internet at the times when you need to use it. One, it's pretty much the same interface to Microsoft Office 2010/2013 so there's no confusions. Two, it's going to be the most compatible so far less possibility that you created a perfectly laid out document in office on your computer, edit it on your tablet and then open it again on your desktop and ugh there goes your frustration.

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