free website template not functioning properly

  colourflow 17:07 24 Sep 2012

I have download a free website template which looks very good. Only problem is that I cannot get the Contact Page/Form to work or the Site Search facility to work. Is there anyone out there that would be able to help.


  Ansolan 21:35 24 Sep 2012


If you download a template, as in this case you tend to just get the visible aspects of forms/search boxes, not the parts which make them work i.e. process the data. There's a short explanation here:

Your host is likely to have built in options, or not to hard to find php examples on the web, or find a site which will make the file online (just search on "website email" and take your pick). The issue is that security aspects are rarely well covered and forms can present a vulnerability. You could also use a remote mail service, where they handle the processing.

If you have real problems with search, you could just use:

Easy to implement and plenty of support.

Another option is to contact the site builder and see if they have forms ready, they often do (again security not guaranteed). You could then also ask them if they have a responsive version of what is a pleasant template. A photography site will see high mobile/tablet use, the current site not good for that.

Final point, don't know if you are on some form of free/ over crammed hosting, looks as if the host offers that but in any event, the server is not happy handling your very good but heavy images. You might want to make a move.

  colourflow 22:35 24 Sep 2012

Hi Ansolan

Thanks for coming back so quickly. Currently paying for Broadband and Hosting through Freeola. I have downloaded a Contact.php file from the website where I got the template from but do not have a clue how to get this up and running. New to all this coding lark. Files that came with the template are: HTML, CSS & JS In the JS there is atooltip, cufon-replace, cufon-yui, hover-image, html5, jquery.easing, jquery 1.2, prettyphoto, jquery 1.5.2, roundabout, roundaboutshapes, script, tabs and TerminalDosis_300 font also and PIE.php. So unfortunately still floundering.

  Ansolan 00:48 25 Sep 2012

In the HTML for Contact.html, you currently have on line 49:

< form id="search" method="post" >

Upload the php file to the server and make sure you know the correct path to where the file is stored. Then change the code to:

< form id="search" method="post" action="/path/thenameofthefile.php" >

Life isn't always that simple, so no guarantees, or on security but if this is the file built for the template, a fair chance. Make sure to change the destination email address in the php file to yours, probably something like:

$EmailTo = "[email protected]";

Still a good idea to read all you can on forms in general and security. Sounds as if you have plenty more to read as well, have fun.

  colourflow 16:03 25 Sep 2012

Hi Ansolan

Thanks for your help will give it a try and see how it goes

  colourflow 16:15 27 Sep 2012

Hi Ansolan

Have tried everything you suggested but to no avail. Still not able to get the contact form or the Site search working.


  Ansolan 16:50 27 Sep 2012


There's nothing in your contact page to make a form work at present, appreciate you may have deleted that.

Not too much more I can do from here. You could use an online service of the Wufoo type, most have a free option for one site. Or your hosts facilities, or search online for php email form, lots of examples but not all secure. If entirely stuck you could go somewhere like:


Stay on the old page, not the new. Then just build a php file to suit the options in your form and proceed as before, with this in place of the downloaded php file.

  colourflow 16:34 04 Oct 2012

Hi Ansolan,

Have tried so many different things to try to get my contact page up and running but to no avail.

I am obviously doing something wrong but do not know what. Any help would be gratefully received.

  Ansolan 23:07 04 Oct 2012


A couple of points:

method="post" action="contact.php" is in the code for your search box, not the contact form.

The html entries for the contact form do not have any calls for the php file e.g. name="EmailFrom"

Your E-mail:

or whatever name"....." matches with the entries in contact.php.

You should get the idea from:

  colourflow 20:44 07 Oct 2012

Hi Ansolan,

Have finally managed to get the Contact Page to partially work. When someone uses it I get notification on my hoster email but there is no text - what am I doing wrong!!!!

  Ansolan 03:41 08 Oct 2012


Have another read of the post above re name="EmailFrom" etc. and have a look at the example in the linked page.

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