free website at limit, what now?

  athenrye 00:56 15 Nov 2005

hi my website
click here
is at its 30mb max allowed from blueyonder
its will cost me £4 per month to move to 100mb from them

as you can see from my url ive got a long pwp name and would like it to be shorter and sharper! so id rather move to a web host with domain names etc
anyideas for good cheap and easy to use compnays
must be very simple as im not a techy, ive got very limited abilities when it comes to web matters

hence my request here
oh basic features will do as well

  Red Devil 09:48 16 Nov 2005

I use Catalyst2 - click here.

They charge £14.09 a year incl VAT and for that you get 250Mb of webspace and access to things like a database should you want a forum or mailing list on your website. You also have access to scripts with a number provided for you already. I went through the procedure of installing fora on all my sites to find that they provided the package I was using (phpBB) anyway.

The one downside to Catalyst2 is that they limit the bandwidth on their package to 1Gb/month so if you think you're going to be a high traffic site then they may not be the company for you.

I have to say that not one of my sites, though, have got within using even 20% of my monthly bandwidth in the 3 years I've been with them.

Another company I've used are Compila - click here.

They give you unlimited bandwidth so you could have 10,000 visitors a day (or hour!) and not worry about your site going down because you've exceeded your bandwidth.

The downside to Compila is that you only get 100Mb with their basic package so you'd need to make sure that you have a very lean and clean website, possibly written with CSS, to make sure you don't exceed your webspace.

Compila charge £22/year but do include free domain name registration if you pick a .uk one. (they charge more if you want a address).

For domain name registration - should you not go with a company like Compila - you could do worse than use Active Domain - click here.

To register a .com, .net, .org, or .biz TLD costs less than £5/year and you could register, for example, for up to 10 years for less than £4.50/year. A .uk TLD can only be rgistered for 2 years at a time but costs £3.97/year (therefore £7.94 overall each time you buy/renew it) to register.

You could have a domain name and a fairly decent webhost for around £18 a year which is far cheaper than what Blueyonder would charge you!!

I've just done a check and all celtic-badges doamins that I entered into Active domain's search were currently free including and

There may be better deals around than the 2 webhost packages I've mentioned. Catalyst2 were the best package available when I set up my websites originally but that may not be the case now.

It would pay to have a look around. There are some websites that are dedicated to comparing webshosting packages to help pick the best one for you (sorry, can't remember any URL's but I did use one to find Catalyst2).

Hope I've helped in some way - though, as I'm a very keen Jambo as well as a Red Devil, considering who your website is for, you should consider yourself honoured that I've helped you out!!! ;)

  athenrye 13:48 16 Nov 2005

ive went with compila thanks
got another email from a freind who said they were good
hail hail
thanks for the info, you must be happy at being joint top of the league!

  Red Devil 14:15 16 Nov 2005

You're more than welcome.

So what domain name did you go for in the end? A one, .com or another TLD altogether?

Whichever one you went with you could now set up the domain so that you could give out as an e-mail contact, for example, [email protected] dot co dot uk if that was the domain you picked and then have any mail sent to that address forwarded on to your real ISP e-mail address (I'm sure there are, possibly, more elegant ways of doing this but it's the way I do it).

It has the beauty that, should you ever change ISP, you don't need to e-mail everyone who has your e-mail address to tell them your new address.

All you need do is go to your cpanel at Compila and change your e-mail forwarder accordingly and the job is done. No sending out of dozens of e-mails informing people of an e-mail address change.

If you're really lucky, your ISP will even allow you to use your domain name e-mail as your reply to address (some don't because of faking and spoofing of e-mail addresses). For example, I've set up my reply to address in my email client as <myname> @ <mydomain>.com and my ISP, Nildram, allows that.

Now, whenever I send mail out, if anyone replies to that e-mail it's sent to my domain's e-mail before being sent on to my ISP e-mail. It might add another step to the process but, as long as I don't allow my domain to lapse, I'm able to jump around ISP's and not have to worry about my e-mail address.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'll let you get on!

As for the league, yeah I'm happy but can't help feeling that the situation with Romanov and losing Burley may well cost us the title. Rix is nowhere near as talented. Oh well.

  athenrye 16:22 16 Nov 2005

hi red devil
thanks for the further info, which i need and have lots of wuestions now.....

i changed the web address slightly to
click here
i will need to choose an email for that as well
not sure yet what to pick....

the thing is how do i re-direct my current site on blueyonder to my new one, is it easy?

what site do you have, can i have a look
any other info would be greatly appreciated

  Red Devil 17:12 16 Nov 2005

It's personal preference on my part and not the only way of doing it but what I have done in the past when I have bought a dedicated domain name for one of my sites is to remove all the content from my ISP's webspace where I previously hosted the site and have a single page stating that the site has now moved to it's own dedicated domain.

If the visitor wants to visit the new site then I put in a link to the new site and then invite them to click on it. Looking at your current site, I would remove all the links currently on it and put the info about the new website and a link to it in the area where you've currently stated what your site's goal is.

There are other ways of achieving this, some easier to implement than others including automatically redirecting your visitors but this is the way that I prefer doing it.

If you'd like to look at the sites that I've set up they can be found at:-

click here
click here
click here
click here

Once you start adminstering your site at your cpanel you'll find that Compila have a facility for submitting your website to a whole host of search engines. I took advantage of this for my sites. They don't have the facility to submit your site to all search engines so there are some that you'll need to submit yourself.

Along with this, I've looked at the source for you site and I've noticed that you haven't any keywords for your site. You'll need some entries in the keyword tag if you want your site to be found by search engines.

Make them as relevant to your site as possible. Some entries I would suggest are "Celtic", "Celtic badges", "Celtic Supporters clubs", "Celtic football", "Celtic Football club", "Celtic FC" and as many relevant variations on this that you can think of. The better your keyword choices are, the more likely you are to be found when someone does a search in a web search engine.

Hope this helps and let us all know once your site is up and running on it's new domain and webhost.

  Forum Editor 18:06 16 Nov 2005

I can usually get a reasonably sized into 5Mb, but you do have a lot of images, and the quality is pretty good. Nevertheless, for the future it might be worth looking at ways to pare a little of the file sizes - it will help with loading speeds.

Be that as it may - yours is a superb reference site, and I can imagine that it involved a lot of hard work; Well done.

I notice that you don't have badge for the Moscow branch 1993 CSC. It so happens that I can provide you with one if you're interested. The quality isn't great, but you could tweak me if you're interested.

  athenrye 18:26 16 Nov 2005

hi red thanks again
loved your sites and your comments are on my to do list
can you help me with key words, i know what the wowrds are.....but where what is the source where they go?
i use webfusion net objects mx which is a basic wysiwyg programme to make and publish the site

where would i put these keywords?
im really not that great with web building
thanks for your time and effort

  Red Devil 19:00 16 Nov 2005

The keyword tag, if I remember correctly, needs to go within the head of the document.

That means it needs to go between where the <head> and </head>. I don't know if it's a requirement or not but I put my keywords tags after the site title.

The code needed is:-

<meta http-equiv="keywords" content=" "> with your keywords between the quotes.

The other thing you could do is give your web page a more descriptive title. Yours is currently "Home". If you find where it says <TITLE>Home</TITLE> and change it to something like <TITLE>Celtic Supporters Clubs Badges Home Page</TITLE>.

After all, whatever you put within the <title></title> tags is what shows up as your heading in a web search engine.

Hope I've helped you some.

  Red Devil 19:16 16 Nov 2005

Sorry, should have been a little clearer.

Where I said the keywords need to go between the quotes in the following code:-

<meta http-equiv="keywords" content=" ">

it needs to go between the quotes in the part of the code that says content " ".

I've not used Net Objects Fusion as I either use Dreamweaver or a plain text editor. You may find it easier to add the tag in a code view if Net Objects supports a "code" view rather than a "design" - or WYSIWYG view. I know Dreamweaver supports this but can't speak for your program.

It may actually be easiest of all to load your page into a plain text editor - Notepad or Wordpad or more than sufficient and even Word can do the job if you remember to save the page as plain text.

After all, as long as you remember to click on "save" rather than "save as" once you've edited the page it will still save it as a .htm or .html file depending on which file extension you've used.

All you're doing after all is plain common or garden text editing and you could copy and paste the code I've given previously, make sure it goes between the <head> and </head> part of the page, add your keywords of choice, save it as plain text and then upload it to your webhost.

I hope I've not gone too in depth but feel free to ask anything you like regarding this and I'll help you as much as I can.

  athenrye 20:08 16 Nov 2005

thanks again folks for the info
honest ive got it all on a pad.....

im lloking to get dreamweaver and give that ago, but its a bit pricey, been offered a copy and ill see how i get on with things

my current free space will have one page with a link to my new site
should this be an automatic link that usually says the following 10sec to redirect hit this button if it dosnt do it
or just leave a link for them to click and connect

oh how do i do an automatic one?
is it easy or complicated?
ah too many questions and too many answers!

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