Free web templates

  Maurellis 17:20 12 Jan 2005

You can download over 300 free web templates at click here
Easy to edit and great for beginners.

  Forum Editor 00:37 13 Jan 2005

and rather amateurish. I'm afraid that any site which employs a different kind of screen wipe each time you click on a navigation button gets a big thumbs down from me - in addition to which I have to say I was very unimpressed with the sample templates.

Sorry to be so negative, but there's no point in being less than honest about it.

  Talented Monkey 15:08 13 Jan 2005

Well i had hoped you would have just deleted this thread FE. blatent attempt at advertising, the owner appears to be a certain maurice Ellis source code META name=author content="Maurice Ellis poster name maur ellis coincidence i think not.
However my main concern is that Mr Ellis also has links for his other websites, mainly the xxx Dating club.

Now i dont think there is any need for a website offering free templates to have adult site links, also i would be concerned that if you give an inch people will take a mile. Perosnaly i wouldnt allow any links being posted on any of my forums that contains links to adult sites.

Im not telling you how to do your job FE, and the PCA policy is on posting in this forum nor im not a prude, but just like to think that moral decency is not dead.

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