Free Web Space

  Bob The Nob© 13:45 09 Sep 2004

Does any one know where I can get Free web space other than GeoCities and Freewebs?

  pj123 14:51 09 Sep 2004

Your ISP would normally give you some free web space, (most do). Give them a ring and ask.

  mbp 22:39 09 Sep 2004

Depends on what you need the free web space for. GeoCities (15 MB) will certainly allow you to get your Web Page launched.
BTYahooBB Web Photos allows you 100MB free.
BTYahoo Briefcase allows you 100MB free.
I think, if you are going for BroadBand, BT-Yahoo seem to offer a lot by way of web space and other fringe benefits. But you pay for what you get. The cheaper BB services come as no frills, usually.

For Photos:click here (unlimited space) and click here (unlimited space). Many others allow you to rent space, such as click here and many others.

  anchor 15:26 10 Sep 2004

Sign up for a "pay-as-you-go" account with

I have found their servers very reliable, and you will get 20Mb of free web space without ads.

Just ensure you log on to their service once a month to keep the account active. If you need more free space, open a second account in another name.

click here

  mbp 10:17 11 Sep 2004

Anchor: that means signing up to another BB ISP albeit pay-as-you-use. I would like to keep things less complicated and if possible just a Free Web Space.

Bob The Nob: There are lots of Free Web Space available, (found browsing the Web like Google), but I found that most of them have so many limitations, that it doesn't fit the bill. So if you find a site that is Truely Free, with 30 to 100 MB space that you can use as you like, please do let us know about it.

MY PROBLEM: Confident I could find the Web space to upload my Web Album, I purchased a program, made a album, about 30 mb in size, and now I find that I cannot get it on any available or free web site. All have some kind of limitations or other. for Photo album web sites, you are limited to using their album template, not your own. So How can I ever get my own Album on to the Web?

  Audeal 11:28 11 Sep 2004

I am with Pipex and have been allocated 15mb of web space. I have just put 400 photos onto my site using Photo Album software I purchased. No problem doing it so why can't you do the same.

How much space do you have with your IP ? How may photos do you have to put on the web ?

  pj123 11:28 11 Sep 2004

Who is your ISP? I am with NTL BB and I have 55mb of free web space. I have a personal photo album using this free web space. Obviously it is not in the public domain (being personal) but anyone who wants to access it (like family and friends) have been given the URL and the password.

I use Dreamweaver to create the site and Cute FTP to upload and maintain it.

  mbp 16:48 11 Sep 2004

I am with BT-Yahoo broadband. With it comes 100MB for photo albums (preselected album format by BTY), 100 MB for Briefcase, and 15 MB for Geocities. (Actually 100 MB is shared between Albums and briefcase). But I am not able to Upload my proprietary Album to the site. I need a FTP address which is not available for the above. Am I correct or have I missed something? Briefcase also only permits limited sized files to be uploaded, something like 5mb per file. So it looks like I have no choice but to use BT-Y's web album.

  Bagsey 17:57 11 Sep 2004

I use BRAVENET for one of my sites and find that it is good and has all of the extras that you may want. Visitors book. Counter ect. All for free. Look at click here

  Matt45 18:27 11 Sep 2004

Hosting is very cheap these days and many sites also give away free domains with their hosting too. A domain that you choose is much easier to remember and give to people than a subdomain of a site like geocities or freewebs so surely for under £20 a year its worth buying some space - it also means you don't have annoying banner ads appearing all over you site. Try click here which have always been good to me.

  Dipso 22:51 11 Sep 2004

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