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  holligan 19:22 24 Aug 2003

comp novice how do i create a site with a easy to understand it easy.i have 20 mb is that ma isp wont tell me anything just to say i have web space whitch i would like to use but dont know what to do.

  powerless 20:51 24 Aug 2003

Who is your ISP?

  BinaryBen 07:52 25 Aug 2003

First of all create the web site on your PC, keep everything in one main folder i.e Web but you may want more folder inside if you wish. There's loads of programs out there; find one you feel comfortable with and let rip with the creative juices.

Once your happy with what you've got, publish it onto your webspace. The best way to do this is to use an FTP program. You can use WS FTP LE for free. Your ISP will provide you with your FTP account information either in the help files on their website or in a welcome pack/e-mail.

Simply enter that info into the dialogue boxes in the FTP program and once your connected you can copy your website from you PC onto your webspace.

Hope this helps.

  holligan 11:35 25 Aug 2003

is the isp

  powerless 17:07 25 Aug 2003

click here these people?

Click Help up at the top, the click Webspace on the left. Everything you need to know is there. Not sure of anything just post back.

  Gaz. 20:14 25 Aug 2003

Could anyone tell me how to upload a site/files onto my freeserve account, i have ACEFTP Freeware but cannot figure it out.



  PªūĽ ? ♂ 20:32 25 Aug 2003

Gaz Try this click here

  powerless 20:32 25 Aug 2003

Best if you start your own thread by clicking "start new subject" up at the top.


Your emailaddress|Your site name here

Example: [email protected]|gazsite

The | can be got by pressing Shif and then the key next to "Z"

Enter your password. I do not use ACEFTP. But the above settings are what you need.

  Gaz. 18:59 26 Aug 2003

Thanks very much Paul and Powerless, that has helped greatly.

All the best.

Gaz. :)

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