free web hosting + php

  ashley-b 18:57 27 Jan 2004

what free web hosting (like tripod etc) will support php and mysql stuff, for 'programes' like phpnuke and xoop?

  Talented Monkey 21:38 27 Jan 2004

It never ceases to amaze me how many people want something for nothing from the internet. Unfortunately Ashley I have yet to see such a host, there well maybe, but you will probably find that there are so many restrictions in place as to what you can or cant do accompanied by a forest of ads that will be permanently displayed on your site.

There are many hosting companies who will provide you with everything you need and even your own proper domain name for next to nothing.

  ashley-b 18:57 29 Jan 2004

"It never ceases to amaze me how many people want something for nothing from the internet"
thats what the interents about. its all meant to be free. that was the initial idea, dumbarse

  PurplePenny 19:42 29 Jan 2004

Talented Monkey isn't a dumb anything and using insulting language isn't going to endear you to the rest of us.


  jgosden 21:17 29 Jan 2004

click here

apparently this is free and can do php, may find that you can't do everything but its worth a look

  Talented Monkey 13:54 30 Jan 2004

Well Ashey, somehow I don’t really think you know exactly who I am, so oyu cant really call me those kind of names now can you?

Certainly the internet started of life as an information sharing network, where everything was free, but as it has evolved so has the number of ways in which it can be used such as online shopping..
Companies who provide webhsoting have huge overheads and expenses, which is passed on as costs to the customer. Certainly most give you free hosting in hope that you will pay for a better service. As competition is fierce these free accounts are getting better, some companies have even given away free their best hosting package as a promotional offer, however these free accounts come with restrictions and limitations which of course will be lifted if you pay up.
These often include forced advertising on your site, effectively paying income for the hosting, or restrictions which in some cases limit you to being unable to run your site the way you want, which will go to limiting bandwidth which will help reduce the losses the company occurs for the free hosting.
Therefore to expect companies to routinely give away decent hosting packages is rather nieve,
Now looking at the example of hosting given, it seems pretty good on out start, however for PHP the service is not entirely free as you have to pay a one off fee of $5

Read Limitations section under the terms and conditions for free hosting these 2 automatically jump out:

a. CPU Resources. User acknowledges that the Service is provided on a shared server and agrees not to engage in any activity that could overwhelm the server with heavy CPU usage or that requires a disproportionate amount of the resources of the server, including without limitation, use of highly active PHP scripts or MySQL processes.
b. Hits/Traffic. Your account must get at least 10 (ten) Unique Hits per Week.
What exactly do they mean by a heavy PHP mysql usage, a heavy usage of a guestbook might qualify for example. And hits 10 unique hits per week! Oh and not forgetting they also ban image galleries.

So if you want to use this fine go ahead But remember if you see something that’s too good to be true it probably isn’t.

  ashley-b 17:29 30 Jan 2004

ok sorryf or calling you a dumbarse.i didnt really mean it to be offensive

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