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  [DELETED] 23:09 21 Sep 2003

Does anyone know of a completly free web host, that doesn't show adverts or banners, doesn't require you to join their ISP, has pretty big space (10+ MB), and won't disappear within a week?


  Forum Editor 23:27 21 Sep 2003

You want someone to set up and operate a web server, pay the operating expenses, and give you (and lots of other people) a big chunk of server space - just for the sheer pleasure of it; no advertising revenue, no ISP fees, nada, nothing.

Why on earth would anyone want to do that?

  [DELETED] 12:30 22 Sep 2003

There was one that made you use one of their sub-domains with their free accounts, hoping that people would see their domain and sign up to paid accounts with them.

  [DELETED] 12:57 22 Sep 2003

Free is the problem keyword here.

Good hosting is worth its weight in gold and for entry level packages you need not pay the earth.

I'd rather pay a hosting company a comparatively small amount for their services (guaranteed uptime, FrontPage extensions, PHP, MySQL, CGI, free to use scripts, user control panel and/or FTP direct upload access, webmail and so on) than rely to any extent on a 'free' alternative.

The free hosts will always try and recoup their costs in some way, otherwise there would be no point in them offering every man and his dog a web presence.

Some forum members have found yearly hosting for as little as £35 and while I can't comment on their choice of hosting companies, they seem to be getting impressive results without breaking the bank.

Perhaps this could be of help, since the 'free' option will always entail one or more hits in terms of banners, advertising attached to your emails or whatever.



  [DELETED] 18:11 22 Sep 2003

Tarans very correct, I have run into problems with out the features of paid for hosting.

But I am investing in some soon.

  [DELETED] 20:21 22 Sep 2003

Ok then, I think I'm beginning to accept that I want to much. In that case, are there any good ones with very small banners (about the size of 3 or 4 normal-sized lines of text)?

  [DELETED] 20:56 22 Sep 2003

there was a company that did just this - no banners, free, your own name - it was called freenetname. They are still going, and for the original account holders it is still free - but they closed that offer. The way it was supposed to work was through the 0870 dialler - but they must have had very optimistic costings when they set it up!

  [DELETED] 03:21 23 Sep 2003

I'm not familiar with any such providers, although you might get a response from others in this forum.

It may interest you that one forum member recently (to my amazement) arranged a yearly hosting account for about £35 if memory serves, and this was for a dedicated package, FrontPage, PHP and similar support and no banners, ads or similar.

I have no direct experience with the host in question, but others seem to be getting good results with them.

Food for thought perhaps ?

Let me know if you want their name and site details.



  [DELETED] 11:17 23 Sep 2003

That was me was it not Taran. click here I took out their basic plan at £19.99 which includes a free domain name. Because my website had a membership area, I opted to upgrade to frontpage server extensions for and extra £5.00 / year.

But, as I have found. By having the FPSE's it's now increasingly difficult to implement PHP Forum's & MySQL databases. All of which I setup myself whilst using the supplied control panel!!!

£24.99 is what I am paying per year, that's less than .50p a week. For that amount of money I would recommend that everyone get an account. It gives you access to very powerful features inclusive of STATS, SECURITY, EMAIL, CONTROL PANEL.....

  [DELETED] 12:05 23 Sep 2003

It was indeed you I was thinking of, but I didn't want to begin bandying names around until Martinsonline confirmed an interest.

It goes to show though, that you need not spend a fortune, although I'd still be very wary about moving any of my clients sites to similar hosting.


  [DELETED] 12:29 23 Sep 2003

I fully hear what your saying Taran. Take a look @ me, I am not a professional, but have a keen interest to learn for myself. Which mean's there will be occassions when alittle hand holding is required.

My first hosted experience was / is with domainnamesGB. At the time I thought wow, they are fantastic. But in reality they didn't give anything away, I refer to technical issues. They played the cards very close to their chest leaving me pulling my hair out looking for simple answers. Although they have improved slightly I would certainly never recommend them to someone whom wanted to learn more!!!

I stumbled across hostplus due to the requirements asked of me. I am so glad I did. They have an excellent balance of support & understanding for those like me whom are finding their feet with all those tech words like PERL, CGI, ASP, PHP.

As a professional, you know & have the answers or have the expertise to find the answers. This expertise is what's sold to your clients. We have differing needs with regard hosting. It is my humble opinion based on experience that hostplus is suited to my needs on this occassion based upon price, support & features. With the buzz word being "SELF SUFFICIENT".

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