Free Virus checker

  Spr 13:29 28 Jul 2013

I read sometime ago there was a free download Virus Checker I would like to get one for my granddaughter before she's off to Uni.

Could someone remind me how to download

Thank you

  AroundAgain 13:51 28 Jul 2013

Hi There are a number of very good free antivirus programs you can choose from.

See here Click for free Antivirus programs

I use avast! free version. Many will suggest AVG. You would also benefit from free malware and spyware programs too,such as Malwarebytes, also free.

Others will suggest a variety of programs they use.

Good luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:36 28 Jul 2013

What op system?

you need a

firewall - windows own s ok for vista W7 W8 xp needs a third party firewall like zonealarm

Antivirus make sure only one as they will conflict and cause probles if more than one Avast is my choice run AVG and MSE on two other machines but I happier with Avast as it uses less resources than the others

Antimalware as much as you like Avast has antimalware built in but I back it up with Malwarebytes. SuperAntispyware is also another good choice

Optional SpywareBlaster works wel as a blocker it stops alot of nasty sites from loading

Mailwasher / Spamihilator - something to help avoid spam but most ISPs have better spam filters now than they did a few years ago.

Ccleaner is a useful tool for getting rid of all the junk files that build up in a system and has, the only registry cleaner I would recommend, built in - very safe to use.

  rdave13 15:58 28 Jul 2013

Another one for Avast free version. Also for Superantispyware free, Malwarebytes antimalware pro (one off payment) and the free version of Spywareblaster (blocker). Ccleaner a must.

  Newuser4165 16:33 28 Jul 2013

You may find that your grand=dauger's new university will provide her with an uptodate virus checker porobably free of charge.

  Woolwell 22:10 28 Jul 2013

Having just spent some time removing the police scam malware from a PC which was supposedly protected by MSE then I cannot advise its use. I have replaced it by AVG.

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