free virtual drive programme - for games

  pookie 08:49 24 Feb 2006

hi guys

do you know of any free virtual drive programs. i had been using a trial version of virtual cd which was great for far cry and levels loaded up so much faster (although virtual cd wouldn't work with fear or ties that bind). i know of alcohol 120 but that costs - any free programs? as mentioned it would be purely for games that need disks inserted to play.

cheers guys


  pookie 17:27 24 Feb 2006

many thanks for this - i'll try it later. any other ideas?



  pookie 15:45 25 Feb 2006

hi - i tried daemon tools but i can't get it to work. i tried the following which i took off an old thread (i can't get into deamon website as the server is always busy):
(1) install demon and set up how many virtual CD driver you want, maximum is 4 with Deamon, but you can have up to 26 with Virtual CD (or Virtual Drive or CD Emulator) but they are not free

(2) you need to creat CD image, Demon cannot do it, you need other software. All good CD burnning software will do it, for example Nero, Roxio, Sonic NTI etc etc. With Nero, changer burner to "Image Burner" copy CD to this burner and it will create a image

(3) Start Daemon and Mount Image (right click demamon icon) and it will work the same way as physical CD

I do the above - using nero i copy the far cry dvd disk as an image to my desktop and then using daemon 'mount' it to a virtual drive. however when i click on the virtual drive (which has the far cry icon image) it starts to load and then says to insert the disk. I've read that far cry works ok with daemon but i can't do it - as mentioned i can never get on their site. what am i doing wrong??

  rdave13 16:09 25 Feb 2006

click here Although I haven't used it myself.

  pookie 17:32 25 Feb 2006

thanks guys but i can't get far cry to work from clone - may try and get license for virtual cd (buy it) as far cry worked on it

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