Free video capture/editing sotware

  fatgeezer 16:25 26 Aug 2011

Pulling my hair out trying to find free video capture/editing software that actually works. All I want to do is transfer video from my camcorder to hard drive/dvd. Thought I had found a good one in AVS,great for editing etc,but try to put it onto disc/hard drive and it wants to put a watermark right in the middle of the finished product unless you pay to upgrade. Windows Movie Maker can't find the camcorder and Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't have a capture facility. Have tried quite a few others,some have no capture and just look for files already on computer,and some just freeze as soon as you click on something. Does anybody know of anything that will work on Vista please?.

  chub_tor 20:03 26 Aug 2011

Not knowing which other programmes you have tried I would try this from Serif

  fatgeezer 21:03 26 Aug 2011

Thanks chub_tor. I've downloaded it,but it freezes as soon as I try to do anything with it. I'm thinking that there must be something wrong with the computer for this to keep happening. I've uninstalled all the other editing software so there shouldn't be any sort of conflict. I'll have to get someone to have a look at the thing. Thanks again,Serif looks good.

  chub_tor 21:52 26 Aug 2011

Capturing and working with video is hard on the graphics and storage components. Make sure that you have the latest Vista drivers for your graphics card, you will need an absolute minimum of 2Gb RAM and even this may not be enough if your graphics is integrated into your motherboard. Make sure that you have plenty of free hard drive space available and preferably defrag your hard drive before you start on each project.

  fatgeezer 22:05 26 Aug 2011

I've just done a system health check and it's telling me that the 'system is experiencing excessive paging. Cause - the available memory on the system is low. Details - the total physical memory on the system is not capable of handling the load. Resolution - upgrade the physical memory or reduce the load'. A bit further down it tells me that I have 206 mb of memory available. So obviously nowhere near enough memory then!. Now I'm stuck!!. Help. Is memory something you can buy?. I'm going to bed.

  Terry Brown 07:58 27 Aug 2011

The best option on memory is to go to the Crucial web page, and let it check what memory you need enter link description here and will check what memory you have and suggest upgrades.


  fatgeezer 08:56 27 Aug 2011

I've just realised that my PC only has 1gb of ram. Time for a new computer then!!. The one I have my beady eyes on has 8gb of ram and a 1tb hard drive. That should do the job. Thanks for your replies again.

  fatgeezer 09:05 27 Aug 2011

Terry - I just went to the Crucial website and did the scan, It tells me I have a memory slot spare and I can have a maximum of 4gb. That's handy - a lot cheaper than a new computer. Thanks again.

  Terry Brown 19:39 30 Aug 2011

This is not a capture but an edit program which may help.

You will need to register before use.


  fatgeezer 12:32 03 Sep 2011

I've got the new laptop with 4gb RAM and all the rest of it,downloaded the Serif programme,and still no luck. It will capture the webcam,but can't find any other devices when the camcorder is plugged in and running. I have to buy a 'codec' or something to make it work. So much for free software!!. Am I really asking too much for a free programme that will capture and let me edit?. Have tried a few others but it's the same problem every time - no capture,even Windows movie maker doesn't seem to have a capture facility. I give up.

  chub_tor 19:07 04 Sep 2011

Lazarus The 2nd has raised a good point. How are you connecting the camcorder to your PC? Is it via Firewire or USB?

You might also want to look at the Serif Support Site

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