Free upgrade to 8MB broadband

  The Belarussian Mafia 20:36 22 Feb 2005

Thought I'd mention that my broadband provider has just emailed everyone to say they will shortly be upgrading all acounts to the maximum available connection at their local exchange, at no extra cost. (Mind you, I suppose you might have to upgrade the modem.) Apparently they are expecting many exchanges to be upgraded to 8MB in the near future, too. I don't know whether all providers are going to be taking the same attitude.

I have to say that my provider click here has proved absolutely first-rate (no - I don't work for them - I'm genuinely impressed). I've been on unlimited 512 at £18.99/month for over a year now (although I believe others have to pay a bit more to join these days).

  phono 20:56 22 Feb 2005

I got an email from BT stating that they are in the process of giving free upgrades to 1 and 2 Mb to their users so, as a matter of interest, I contacted customer support at my own ISP, Claranet, and was told that they had no plans to give out free upgrades. I have been with Claranet for many years now and they give excellent service, although they are a bit pricey, it looks like I am going bite the bullet with regards to keeping my long standing email address and move to another ISP.

If BT can do it for free, why not Claranet?

  The Belarussian Mafia 21:05 22 Feb 2005

phono - just a thought: I registered my own domain so I could keep my email adress when changing ISP. It costs about 10 quid a year. Alternatively you might be able to find a webmail service, which should be cheaper, but might be liable to spam.

  Jak_1 21:12 22 Feb 2005

There are two ways of looking at it, as you don't get owt for nowt!

1. Are you on 512 unlimited download, if so then the upgrade will prob come with a restriction. Bt's restrictions are low, 15GB/month I think. Wanadoo is 30GB/month.

2. The speed difference will not allways be double as many facrors come in to play. Speed of the server where the site is you are visiting, contention rate and time of day etc.

Yes it will be faster but is a slight speend increase worth losing unlimited dowloads to a restricted monthly download?
You have to look at what is right for you and how you use the net, if you do not download much then the increase in speed is fine but if you do a lot of downloading then the monthly restriction may not make it worthwhile.

  The Belarussian Mafia 21:20 22 Feb 2005

Jak_1 - these are sensible comments, however:

a) although I listen to plenty of internet radio, spend an hour ortwo surfing a day, recently watched the rugger live over the net (BBC sport website), etc. my total usage is about 1.5 gig a month according to the stats available on my providers website.

b) a limitation is only being imposed on the 1% of selfish users who download large files day and night -literally.

c) 512 to something humungous is still better than a kick in the teeth...

  phono 22:49 22 Feb 2005

The Belarussian Mafia

I already have my own domain registered with LCN (Low Cost Names)for a good bit less than £10 too, if I do decide to leave Claranet I will obviously use their email re-direction facilities to set up a "portable" email address. Indeed I already have some "pseudo email addresses" set up with them.


I could be wrong but from memory the limits for BT are 15GB for Broadband Basic and 30GB for the rest, I doubt I would ever come close to 15GB never mind 30GB.

What annoys me was the curt reply which just stated, and I quote, "Thank you for your email, I`m afraid we are not planning to upgrade our customers account for free".

As I said before, if BT and other ISPs can do it, why not Claranet?

  Salinger 23:08 22 Feb 2005

"b) a limitation is only being imposed on the 1% of selfish users who download large files day and night -literally."

How true, and those who complain about it probably comprise that 1%

  alan227 23:09 22 Feb 2005

Telewest blueyonder upgraded me from 512 to 756 to 1mb with no increase in price and still have unlimited downloads.

  bukkaz 00:53 23 Feb 2005

Just got an e-mail from the much criticised (by others not myself as always had good service from them as have others on this forum) to say will be upgraded to 1mb with no limits in the near future. £19.99 for 1mb with no limits sounds pretty good to me.

  Jak_1 01:16 23 Feb 2005

Like I said, limitations are linked to personal useage of the net. Downloadinghappenes every time you go on the net, every website you visit whether you save data or not.

A great many peeps use ftp for large files, that alone can influence any decision of ulimited Vs restricted. A heavey user on unrestricted is just using their resources to the full and not to be criticised for that. Everyones needs are different.

It annoys me when peeps criticise heavy users, they are only using services that they pay for! If I transfer a 45 min vid from my cam to disk and then send that to someone via my GMail account then that takes a lot of band width, similarly when I recieve such a file! That is why I have an unlimited account and have done since before Broadband took off!

Peeps seem to forget that heavey users as are were at the forefront of BB and paid heavily for it, much more than it costs now.

  Kate B 01:23 23 Feb 2005

hmm, I'm with Pipex and they're starting to look distinctly uncompetitive at £22ish a month for 512MB ... and I've just found myself signing up for another year with them as Bulldog let me down at the last minute. I was going to go for their 4MB service but they told me - too late for me to find another provider and action the switch from Pipex - that they couldn't tell me when they'd be able to connect me. *sigh*

Still, at least my Pipex account is uncapped - I've just started getting into doing my own website and I've been ftping files back and forth, plus I'm heavily into World of Warcraft so I suspect I'd be one of those "selfish" folk who use a lot of upload and download bandwidth.

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