Free Ununstaller for 24 hours

  birdface 12:29 19 Apr 2009

Free for the day Uninstaller similar to Revo maybe worth having a look at see what you think.

click here

  provider 2 13:00 19 Apr 2009

Thanks buteman,

Coincidence probably but I was just having a look at this one from glarysoft: click here

Hard to beat Revo, though, I think.

  birdface 13:06 19 Apr 2009

Just thought that I would give it a try.I have just got used to Revo Uninstaller So not sure if I will keep this new one or not.But its free so the right price.

  provider 2 13:12 19 Apr 2009


The only problem with Revo (if it is a problem) is that it looks a bit complicated ... a lot of reading to decide which removal method to select, that kind of thing.

Something simpler and faster might have its attractions.

  birdface 13:18 19 Apr 2009

The new one is the same.So you are not 100% sure if you are doing it right or not but it gives you the option of backing up the files that you are about to delete.

  Technotiger 13:20 19 Apr 2009

Hi, I have used Revo many times, dead simple - no need to make choices if all you are doing is un-installing something. Just highlight the program, click on Un-install - when you get the option to re-start your PC, ignore it - let Revo continue. When given the choices to Select All and to Delete, DO SO. When Revo has done its bit, click on Finish. I also, always re-start my computer after clicking on Finish.

  provider 2 13:28 19 Apr 2009

Thanks Techno,

I`ve got used to Revo now but it took a while and as usual, the section where it fiddles with the registry made me a bit anxious.

I haven`t had any problems with it though, and I suppose trust is an important consideration when deciding which one of these powerful uninstallers to use.

  birdface 13:32 19 Apr 2009

Hi.I think I may have asked you this before.In Kerio Firewall.Trusted Area.I have and the Little box is ticked with under adapter it says N/A.Is that as it should be as I have not touched anything in it.
I ask you this as I know that you are the resident expert regarding Kerio. I would have asked you at an earlier time but never seen any comments from you on this site for a while.I hope that you have been Ok.

  birdface 14:03 19 Apr 2009

Its got a junk finder on it which is quite good removed over 35Mb of crap off my computer.And it seems to be working a lot better now.Could be my imagination I suppose.I Might just keep it now.

  provider 2 16:30 19 Apr 2009


Did you know RevoUninstaller had a junk files cleaner too click here

Seems to work all right, and plenty of info on what it`s about to remove.

  gazzaho 17:00 19 Apr 2009

I've used Revo for a year or so now and while I agree it does look complicated it's really not, I find it very easy to use. You uninstall the program, delete the registry entries highlighted in bold type and then delete the folders recommended and that's it, I've never had a problem while doingthis.

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