free UK isps?

  heidelberg 09:48 17 Jun 2003

As you may have guessed from the name I use I am living in Germany at present. We will be leaving soon and moving on to pastures new, and en route will be spending about a month in the UK.

What is the best free method of obtaining internet access in the UK - we will not be in one place all of the time.

theres no way to get completely free internet access here (except warwalking) because even using one of the numerous free ISP's (uk-online, supanet,freeserve etc) you will still have to pay your phone bill. if you will only be here for a month and on the move you may have to consider using internet cafes etc.

  soy 10:07 17 Jun 2003

yep, Internet cafes wil be the best option. There are plenty of thema round and pricewise, its quite good. £1 per hour is average.

  heidelberg 10:09 17 Jun 2003


Perhaps my use of words was wrong, as I didn't mean completely free, ie no cost at all. What I meant was I obviously don't mind paying the cost of phone calls, I just don't want to have to pay for the isp itself - if that makes sense!

  OK Computer 10:14 17 Jun 2003

The freeserve no ties is the best option.

By the way I believe many libraries offer completely free access if you fancy being really cheap!

  Djohn 14:14 17 Jun 2003

click here One of the better free ISP's, obtain contact Tel. no. from website and open a free account. They will issue you with a dial in number/Username/Password.

You can access the site from any phone number any where you wish. My son uses this ISP for his laptop, always on the move.

As you already know, you only pay for the cost of the local rate phone call. this will depend on time of day, and whether week-day/week-end j.

  anchor 16:51 17 Jun 2003

Bear in mind that if you "dial-up" from a hotel, you are likely to be charged at a higher rate for using their line. Depending on the hotel, this could be significantly more.

  palinka 17:01 17 Jun 2003

The big advantage over other "free" ISPs for which, obviously, you pay the cost of the phone call, is that One Tel calls cost only 1p per minute whatever time of day or night you dial up.
And there's no minimum charge as there is with BT. So if you want to see if you have any emails you can do it for 1p probably, or 2p at most; whereas with most local calls there is a 4p+ minimum charge.

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