FREE THREAD - Deletable after Xmas.

  tbh72 11:29 24 Dec 2003

FE I was wondering if you would allow this FREE THREAD to reside in the helproom during the christmas period.

We could use it for general chat and just generally hang out cyber-drinking and talking about thing's that we wouldn't normally talk about at PCA.

My excuse for using the thread will be my inability NOT to connect to the internet over the christmas period..... "I think they call it addiction", but im sure other members may find it a welcome addition to their living rooms & work places etc.

Thanks in advance!!!!!

  Stormpool 11:35 24 Dec 2003

Well I'm at work.. and will be until 3pm! I really should get a job in a school, IT admin or something :) Plenty of holiday that way!

I think I might open a bottle of chardonnay when I get home :o) .. roll on xmas!

  Forum Editor 11:43 24 Dec 2003

I don't want to be a wet blanket (no more than usual anyway), but these threads almost invariably end up being deleted or closed for one reason or another.

It's Christmas, and of course we've had the usual very welcome 'Merry Christmas' threads - no problems there - but we'll leave it at that I'm afraid. Chatting and 'cyber drinking' isn't something that we can support in the forum, and to be honest I imagine that most people will be busy doing other things anyway. We always tend to see a blip in the helproom at Christmas, as people start firing up new computers and assorted hardware devices, so let's stick to dealing with that.

Nothing personal tbh72, but the answer's 'no' I'm afraid.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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