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  bbmf474 15:21 28 Apr 2009

I have downloaded a free template for my site and being familiar with html have amended it to suit my purpose. I uploaded it with terrapin and it does not appear as expected.
A list of files jpegs etc associated with the template are in a folder named images and I am unable to get it to work when these files are in the same folder as my html files. Also some files in the images folder have upper case names and terrapin does not like these so I renamed them to lower case and the htm file does not work.
Just to confuse me further the files in images folder do not appear in the source code.
Help would be very much appreciated
Thanks bbmf

  bbmf474 20:33 28 Apr 2009

thanks for the reply.
I have uploaded the folder named "image" but terrapin puts the folder in an odd place and the files are not recognised.
With regards to uppercase file names. I renamed them all as lower case and this did not work either as the web page does not then display as it should.
When I design with html all file names appear in source code and are easy to locate, but in the template I cannot find any file names although they are used as background shades etc. It would appear all files in the images folder are used.
Thanks for your time

  bbmf474 11:41 29 Apr 2009

Thanks to you I have made progress.I found a file I had missed named style.css. This I uploaded via terrapin and the page is almost correct -the background tints lines and borders are missing.
The source code of style.css has file names linked to the image folder, If I delete reference to the image folder,rename them lower case and upload all the files in that folder as per all the rest of my files will that work?
So you can see how it looks now goto:

click here

Thanks for all your trouble

  bbmf474 13:13 02 May 2009

Thanks once again.
I have been burning the midnight oil and if the page is viewed now it is virtually there.
If you tell me your name I would like to add it to the page. I am grateful for your kind assistance.
Please let me know what you think of the page now
Kind regards and thanks

  Jim Thing 22:46 03 May 2009

I hope you won't mind a few bits of editorial nit-picking:

Spelling errors:
— "inaugral" should be "inaugural" (in two places).
— "exhibtions" should be "exhibitions" (in para beginning "That we borrow...")
— "Musuem" should be "Museum" (same para)
— 'heritge' should be 'heritage' (same para).

— The opening paragraph would be better as two paragraphs, e.g:

"On Saturday 11 April the Fairlop Heritage Group held an inaugural meeting at Fullwell Cross Library. It was attended by more than 30 people."
[Then new para:]
"Our supporters include:..." etc.

— In the list of supporters, some lines begin with a cap letter and some with a lower-case letter — better to be consistent (lower case is more correct because the list is really one sentence, divided by semicolons). Also possibly consider doing it as a bulleted list?

— The sentence beginning "The principle of the Fairlop Heritage Group shall be to promote the understanding and concern for..." could be improved grammatically by rewriting it as: " promote the understanding of, and concern for, the history, natural heritage and future of Fairlop Plain."

Good luck

  bbmf474 14:19 05 May 2009

Thanks very much for the tips
Your name has bee added to the page and I have made some corrections -thanks once again
I think this has resolved my problems
David Martin

  bbmf474 14:20 05 May 2009

Thanks very much JIm

  Jim Thing 20:19 07 May 2009

No problem, but I really can't take the credit for contributing any technical expertise. All I did was suggest a few editorial improvements — the technical expertise came from fourm member.

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