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Free talktalk webspace

  Simsy 10:53 10 Mar 2010


I might be putting together a simple temporary website for a pal, (his wedding details, hotels etc for guests). It will probably only be one page.

He's not at all PC literate and I haven't, so far, been able to find the info on the talktalk website...

Can anyone tell me what the upload, (ftp, folder) details are that I'll need, and also what the address of his website will be? Presumably it will feature his username somehow?

Thanks in advance,



  Simsy 13:05 10 Mar 2010

I assume that in your last post the host should be;
rather than
www. ?



  Simsy 13:58 10 Mar 2010

That should be enough for now.

Wedding isn't till October so I may not get around to doing anything for a while... if he wants me to do it at all! I suggested to him that I could put up a site with map/hotels etc... I'm not sure he realised what I was suggesting!

Thanks again.



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