Free spam software

  cowgirl66 13:10 23 Aug 2006

Do you know of any other spam filters on the server other than Mailwasher? And for free? I would love to find one that also detects phishing emails as well.

Regards cowgirl66

  Belatucadrus 13:43 23 Aug 2006

Interesting anti phishing tool click here as with all database based tools it isn't foolproof or fully comprehensive, but it's a good idea and getting better as more companies sign up.

  cowgirl66 14:08 23 Aug 2006

Thank you ArrGee and Belatucadrus (never can spell that name right first time!) I have made a note of all the ones you sent me ArrGee and like the look of Spamihilator best. I've also found a few minutes ago one called Spam Experts which lets you check the emails before downloading.

And as for the Iconix tool well that's just what I've been looking for, too. So now I'm going to use separate tools, a spam filter and a phishing filter apart but your suggestions are just what I need. Safety is paramount on the www and it seems more and more of my desktop icons are for security applications.

Thanks ,, cowgirl66

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