free space on hdd

  eccomputers 22:59 22 Feb 2003

I have a 20gig main system drive and a 30gig
secondary drive. I have the page file on the secondary drive to speed up XP but I was shocked today when I checked my free space. I have only 4gig left out of 20. I have deleted all the temp internet files and checked each folder for abnormally sized files but I cant find any. Is there a way to say search for all files over a given size so a list can be presented to me?

many thanks

  explicitlyrics100 23:04 22 Feb 2003

go into search from the start menu - then click on all files, type *.* in the filename box then scroll down that window till you see file size. The you can click specify a size - set it to at least and fill in the minimum file size. It will then generate a list of all files over that size. Chris

  beeuuem 23:08 22 Feb 2003

This will give you an idea of where all the space is used
click here
This gives more detailed info on your system
click here

  eccomputers 23:37 22 Feb 2003

great, thank u for your support again.

  eccomputers 23:48 22 Feb 2003

wow, I downloaded treesize and it showed a red mark against norton antivirus. There was 8gig in quarantine. I installed a customers hard drive into my pc to scan and remove the nimba virus and thats where it all came from.
I will know where to look in future :)

Many thanks

  explicitlyrics100 01:25 23 Feb 2003

just so other people know the problem is sorted

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