Free Space on C Move File to D Drive

  Ex plorer 07:52 02 Aug 2011

G Morning all I need to free up space on C drive its only got 8Gig on it.

The largest item I can move to D Drive are photos 29 Gig of them.

Can I just drag and drop the whole folder onto D or is there another way.

Laptop Vaio VGN-FE21M OS XP. Only one HD drive devided into C & D. 160GB Total

Not my Laptop so don't want to mess things up. To access the photos would you have to go to computer then DC D Drive and open photos from there.

  mgmcc 08:08 02 Aug 2011

Yes, you can drag & drop the pics from C drive to D drive. However, if they're in "My Pictures", which is a special Windows folder, you should create a new folder in D drive and copy the contents of My Pictures into it, leaving the special Windows folder where it is. Once satisfied that all pics have been safely copied into D drive, you can then delete them from their location in C drive.

What you can then do is to create a new shortcut on the Desktop to go directly to the D drive folder with the pics.

  hastelloy 08:16 02 Aug 2011

I would also get an external drive and backup to that. If the laptop HDD goes wrong you've lost the lot if they are only on C or D.

  Ex plorer 09:40 02 Aug 2011

Thank you both for the replies. mgmcc you are right they are in My Pics Folder. I never relised it was special Windows folder, so I will create a new one and transfer them first. marvin42 I can back them up on my own external drive for safty.

  canarieslover 10:09 02 Aug 2011

No need to create new folder. Right click on My Pictures and you can 'Move' the folder to a new location on D: Windows will then automatically direct any future saved files to that new location. If you just create the new folder then the programs that use My Pictures as their destination save will still put them in the folder on C:

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