Free up some space on C Drive

  emmandelo1 16:28 26 Oct 2004

Since installing SP2 I have this urge (rightly or wrongly)to free up some space on C Drive. I have a total capacity of 9.52 GB with 6.75GB used leaving 2.76GB free. I regularly delete temp files, IE history etc. and all but the last restore point. I have noticed in C/Windows (hidden files) a total of 453MB of files $ntuninstall....$ I assume these are the archived files left from installing SP1 and SP2. Am I safe to copy these to a CD and then delete from C/Windows (or move them to another drive with more space) Is there anything else I can do to free up space on C Drive?

  bertiecharlie 16:49 26 Oct 2004

When you're absolutely sure you will not not need to uninstall SP2 you can delete the ntuninstall file you have mentioned. You can also delete all the ntunistall files that came with the hotfixes prior to SP2, just do a search for these. As you say, copying them is a good idea.

There is also another folder you can look at in Windows called SoftwareDistribution. This folder seems to differ drastically in size between computers. In one case it was only 1.5mb. I've gone into one of the sub folders named "Download", and, after copying, have deleted a 421mb subfolder in there named 9ded4ee34..... This folder isn't required.

I've left all the other subfolders within the SoftwareDistribution Folder in tact as one or two data/log files have been accessed sinced installing SP2.

  emmandelo1 17:03 26 Oct 2004

You're right bertiecharlie. Have just looked in 'Software Distrubution' and found the folder Download. In there is a folder called 6ca7b3a8efd5a..... etc etc. It is 490MB. Are you sure it is safe to discard this? There are hundreds of files inside it.

  bertiecharlie 17:18 26 Oct 2004


click here for info. I didn't delete the whole Download folder just the one with the long list of numbers and letters.

PS. I did this four or five weeks ago with absolutely no ill effects but I did copy it to a cd first.

  Tycho 18:04 26 Oct 2004

For what it's worth I run Ashampoo from time to time and get back huge quantities of space 500MB sometimes and that's a large proportion of a 9.6GB hard drive.

  emmandelo1 18:04 26 Oct 2004

Okay, thanks for that. Doing those two alone will free up quite a chunk of space. Am onto it now..

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