free softeare for scanner

  1973scotty 13:03 02 May 2008

hi i have a scanner but i have lost the software i was given with it. i need to be abl to scan the image & print how can i do this

  Covergirl 13:07 02 May 2008

Free software ? Do you mean the drivers ? IF so you should be able to get them from the manufacturers site under the support section.

If you mean photo editing software, there's a multitude of free software out there from complex stuff like "The Gimp" to simple viewers/editors like IrfanView.

You could also try a few other manufacturers sites who may bundle packages including panorama stitchers etc.

  Stuartli 13:07 02 May 2008

Go to the manufacturer's website and download the drivers and software for your particular model.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:34 02 May 2008

If all you want is to be able to scan an image and then print it, try irfanview as mentioned above.

Open irfanview, go to file, acquire/batch scanning, and take it from there.

If you need the drivers etc. see the suggestions above.

  1973scotty 13:44 02 May 2008

cheers need a new scanner as vista dont support it thanks for the help,

  Stuartli 16:03 02 May 2008

You can't just use Irfanview with a scanner that has no Twain drivers..:-)


Just might be worth having a hunt through:

click here

It depends on your scanner and make. I have an Agfa 1212u for which Agfa did release XP drivers, but not for the parallel version, even though it was dropping the production of scanners at the time.

Many scanners are rebadged products, so finding out who actually made it might lead to Vista drivers...:-)

  Stuartli 16:06 02 May 2008

Have a hunt/Search through your system for a Twain 32 driver - you could be lucky and it's still installed.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:07 02 May 2008

Hence I suggested seeing the above for drivers etc

1973scotty wanted to scan and print; irfanview is probably the easiest way to do it once the scanner is up and running.

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