Free and simple Backup prog required.

  Dorsai 20:49 14 Jul 2004

I would like to get a free, and simple, backup program.

I know i can just 'copy' and 'paste' files from the HDD to a CD-RW, but when the file (with the same name) is already on the CD, windowz just askes wether i wish to replace the file or not.

I can say yes, yes to all, no, or cancel. There is no option to say 'no to all', and just copy the new files. This is for backing up 'my pictures' and 'my documents'. once the picture/document is there, it is unlikly to change. If i edit the doc/pic. i save it with a new name...Doc1 revision2 and so on.

Ideally the backup prog would just copy new files to the cd, and if the 'save date' or 'file size' had changed, ask if i wanted to save the new version over the old version. Not looking to compress it all. If the system goes top-over-tail i can just re-format, re-install, then copy the backed up files back on.

have tried using compressed backups, backup jobs and so on, and have never managed to find the backed up file later. It is there somwhere, but the where was the problem. Once things go tits-up the PC can't be used without a re-format, so the data of which file went on which disk is lost, and its all compressed, so cant just look for it.

sorta would like a system that copies it all onto CD-RW's, and then puts an index on the last disk. That way, when i want to back-up a file, all i have to do is go to that last disk, look in the index, and it sayt file.XYZ is on disk 4.

  MIKE 21:28 14 Jul 2004

Hi Dorsai I recomend Ghost for backups I know its not a freebe but its good all the same.

  Leejg 21:48 14 Jul 2004

I use this to back up to a 2nd HD

click here

Have a look in FAQ it says you can copy to CD-RWs
Plus it's free.

  Chegs ® 23:02 14 Jul 2004

VersionBackup click here is a freeware app I collected while surfing.I have it installed on my system to backup my documents/downloads,etc.This link takes you to their site,but you will have to look about it for the freeware version as I cannot recall how I came upon it. ;-)

  GroupFC 23:04 14 Jul 2004

"I can say yes, yes to all, no, or cancel. There is no option to say 'no to all'" - As far as I know when copying and pasting files to CD-RW (or even floppies pen drives etc), if you hold the shift button and click no this says "No to all" and only the new files in the selection will be copied.

  Dorsai 18:05 15 Jul 2004

Never knew that. Thanks. Will come in handy.

Have dowloaded your suggestion. Will give it a try.

Sorry, but it does not appear to support archiving to external media, unless i mis-read their blurb.

Ghost...AHA...had forgot, have a copy (6.03) that came on a cd with the last MOBO i used..WILL it let me install (whith a different MOBO)?? will give it a go over weekend.

Cheers all. I think these suggestions all bundled together should let me do what i want.

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