free / shareware to create panorama from 8 pics

  keef66 10:10 19 Oct 2005

I have a series of digital photos taken along the beach in Egypt; blue sea, white wooden sunbeds,palm leaf umbrellas at jaunty angles, and hardly a tourist in sight. I'd like to be able to compose them into a single, long panorama type picture. Is there any freeware / shareware that would help me do this? Or does this only work if your digital camera has this feature to start with?

  johnnyrocker 10:12 19 Oct 2005

click here


  jack 10:24 19 Oct 2005

As usual Irfanview to the rescue [click here]
If you are on XP I think even that has a faciliity buiried there some where try

  woodchip 10:38 19 Oct 2005

One of the Mags at newsagent had a program on it to do just that Stich Images together. But cannot remember which one

  keef66 11:31 19 Oct 2005

Just downloaded Irfanview and it's plugins onto the company pc, and burnt to CD to take home. It's extremely simple to create a horizontal panorama, but I can't see a way of then jiggling the images to make them fit properly. I think it'll need a lot of manual fiddling with the individual pics first.

thanks for the speedy response. I'll tick as resolved.


  hssutton 14:34 19 Oct 2005

You may find this to be a better solution click here

  anchor 15:05 19 Oct 2005

I make a lot of panoramas and use Pixmaker and Photovista as my main programmes.

Trials of the current versions of Pixmaker can be found here:

click here

Some time ago, they used to give a free version away; Pixmaker Lite; (not any longer though). It works OK, and will give you a taste. It does leave a bottom strip with their name on, but you can trim this off. Download it here from my space:

click here

Another is Autostitch & is free, despite what is says, it is not a demo version. Rather slow.

click here

Personally, having tried Panorama Factory I found that was not that good.

You do not need a special digital camera, although remember to keep the camera as level as possible, and allow about a 25% overlap.

If you want any more tips or assistance, contact me.

  keef66 11:00 20 Oct 2005

Many thanks for the links. Particularly impressed with Pixmaker. I'd like but can't really afford the full version; the Lite version may suffice for now. Autostitch also pretty good if the photos are chosen carefully. Been having a laugh stitching together photos which weren't taken as a panorama series; I have a seaside shot with two of me paddling with 3 identical dogs, and one at Duxford Museum with 2 tracked vehicles tearing round an off-road course carrying two complements of identically dressed twins.

The Egyptian beach panorama, despite inept photography, is quite stunning. All I need now is a photo printer which takes 5 x 60" paper!

  spuds 11:40 20 Oct 2005

Ulead click here use to do a panoramas 'in just 3 steps' programme called COOL 360. PC World were clearing stock and selling various Ulead programmes including COOL 360 recently for £2.99/£1.99 each [down from £19.99].Perhaps your local PCW may still have stocks.

According to the box COOL 360 'turns your regular photos into panoramas,with seamless stitching fast and easy.Haven't attempted to try out my purchase, but it looks very impressive box wise.

  Chegs ® 11:54 20 Oct 2005
  anchor 14:28 21 Oct 2005

I would be interested to see the Egyptian panorama. Perhaps you could load it on to your web space. Most ISP`s give some free.

I know what you mean about the identical twins; I have experienced that on occasions.

I have not tried COOL 360, so cannot comment on that one. There is no perfect panorama maker for every series of pictures, but my favourites work fine 99% of the time.

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