Free Rotate in Word

  billyliv 20:09 27 Aug 2003

Hi, I want to rotate a graphic in a word document (Using Office 2000) but the 'Free Rotate or Flip' option is greyed out. how do I enable it?. Cheers, Bill

  mistagf 22:15 27 Aug 2003

This is one of those many occasions when the programming team were on something other than their chairs when they dreamt this one up!

Are you ready for this?

I'll try and simplify this to get within the 800 word limit ok :-)

I assume you have the Drawing toolbar open at the bottom of the window.

Goto - "Tools/Customise/Commands"

Left-hand pane clik "Drawing"

Right-hand pane clik and hold "Disassemble Picture" and drag it onto the Drawing toolbar.

Insert your picture into the document.

Clik the graphic to select it.

Clik the "Disassemble Picture" button [the one you dragged over].

Clik the "Select Objects" button [white arrow next to Disassemble button]

Clik "Draw"

Select "Group"

The "Free Rotate" button should now be available.Clik it and green handles appear around the picture which when you clik and hold will enable you to rotate the picture.

By the way! You will have to go through the "Disassemble Picture" etc. routine every time you need to perform this operation.

Easy innit!

  billyliv 00:09 28 Aug 2003

Thanks mistagf, I will print out your response and let you know later. Cheers, Bill

  billyliv 00:34 28 Aug 2003

Thanks a lot mistagf, Done it a treat, another mystery cleared up. Cheers, Bill

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