Free recovery software for photos

  playmofire 07:02 10 Nov 2011

I've accidentally deleted some pjhotos on an SD card. I've found a number of free downloads which allow you to "find" deleted files but not to permanently retrieve them. Does anyone know of a free download which allows you to retrieve deleted files as well as "find" them? My laptop uses Windows 7. I'm wanting to retrieve only about half a dozen photos.

  SparkyJack 08:12 10 Nov 2011

Havew you tried this one?

enter link description here

  Nontek 08:14 10 Nov 2011

This direct download will do the business, first make a New Folder on your desktop and then from within the program browse to the New Folder as the destination for your recovered pics. You can stop the program at any point you wish, pics recovered up to that point will still be in your New Folder - you can even open the New Folder during the process and see your pics being recovered.

This will work on any card/flash drive/hard drive, but note that if used on a hard drive, it will also find all the little icons in every program on your hard drive, so you could end up with thousands of images, easy enough though to delete those you do not require, they will still remain on your hard drive, so nothing to fear.

An excellent little program to keep in your armoury.

  playmofire 10:36 10 Nov 2011

Thanks for the links. The first is one of the "free trial but buy it before you can retrieve your photos" which isn't worth it. The second crashes saying a file is missing. I opted not to install the optional email software, so maybe that's why.

  Nontek 10:56 10 Nov 2011

Strange, there is no optional email with CampicRestor - are you sure you clicked on my link?

I have just clicked on the link above and it worked fine.

  Confab 12:08 10 Nov 2011

This one is good.Recuva

  northumbria61 12:18 10 Nov 2011

I would also recommend RECUVA

  playmofire 14:30 10 Nov 2011

I'm sure I did click on your link, Nontek. However, I did some moree searching with Google and found this one:

which works very well.

Many thanks to you all for your suggestions and help.

  Nontek 15:07 10 Nov 2011

OK, thanks for your feedback.

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