ARTY DAN 15:13 13 Oct 2005

I am trying to get a free PSP, the website I have registered with is click here I have to refer 11 friends to the website and they have to sign up for one of the offers, heres why they say it works
It’s all about advertising. We work with several companies that have large advertising budgets. When they run a TV or Press advertising campaign, they have to pay for it whether it produces 100 enquiries or 100,000 enquiries. And, if they get it wrong, that could be a huge amount of money for just a few enquiries. So what they do is, they work with promotions companies like us. We promote their offers and they only pay us when we send them genuine enquiries. When we receive the money for sending you and your referrals to these advertisers, we buy your gift and send it to you. Everyone wins.

Does anyone know if this site is genuine and if these free psp offers in general are genuine.

  SANTOS7 15:16 13 Oct 2005

Sounds like computer generated pyramid selling..

  SANTOS7 15:19 13 Oct 2005

Second, you complete an offer. There is a selection of third party offers to choose from and most of them are completely free of charge. However, some offers may require a small payment usually in the form of an introductory discount. It is not compulsory to complete any offer that requires payment.
maybe not quite FREE then..

  SANTOS7 15:21 13 Oct 2005

Sorry, text taken from TERMS of SERVICE..

  Magik ®© 15:24 13 Oct 2005

lets us know when you get it, chances are about the same as winning the three card trick.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:24 13 Oct 2005

Utter cobblers..does anyone think that they will get expensive stuff for free thesedays?


  Methedrine 16:52 13 Oct 2005

There's thousands of these scams on ebay.

  dukeboxhero 18:33 13 Oct 2005

sounds very suspect

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