Free Programme Download Problem

  Legslip 09:37 11 May 2012

Am I losing the plot? I used to be able to go to various sites (CNET, Majorgeeks etc) and download, and save various bits of freeware to an external portable drive for installation on PC's. Now I'm finding all that you can save is an installer file that requires a web connection to download and install the file. In some cases I do not want the PC to be connected to tyhe web, but want to install a programme. Am I missing something here?

  finerty 09:42 11 May 2012

No they have gone and changed the system you have to save the software now could be a form of tracking.

they have b4enn doing now for the last few months.

  finerty 09:42 11 May 2012

u could try file hippo dot com

  rdave13 10:36 11 May 2012

Ashampoo are using this method now for licensed products and I can understand why. Using it for freebies is just a waste of bandwidth in my humble opinion and is a problem if PC is always off-line.

  spuds 12:08 11 May 2012

I could be off subject here, but I find that a number of freebies now are getting to the stage, that personal details are required for registration purposes, before the freebie will download correctly.

There could be a marketing element attached here, because I tend to find that once you have some of these freebies, a upgrade message, possibly with a big discount, appears more regular?.

  Legslip 22:48 11 May 2012

Thanks people. Seems somehanges have taken place and it's becoming impossible to download programmes exe files. Shame cos sometimes I like to install things like Malewarbytes - Superantispyware and run them without a net connection.

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