free PREVX home spyware blocker

  GaT7 00:25 24 Nov 2004

Here are some views - click here. Some extracts:

"Awesome software for free. Just remember to disable it when installing legitimate programs"

"i would kiss the creater of this programe it they are absolute geniuses lol"

"it notifies you of everything that comes and goes and changes in your computer. giving YOU the upper hand"

"I'm running windows XP with service pack 2 and this program installed and ran fine. When Prevx Home detects suspicious activity, a pop up menu (similar to Zonealarm's Allow/Deny menu) will appear on your screen and you have the chance to allow or deny the activity. I haven't had a problem with this program and I would suggest it to anyone concerned about preventing intrusions on their home PC"

"Using XP Pro with SP2. After downloading, my computer crashed during install. Fortunately I use GoBack and did a restore."

"Cheap & unreliable, does not integrate with windows security center. No wonder this software is free. IT MUST BE FOR MAC USERS....." (this is the longest post on page 3)

As with ALL software - unfortunately, cannot please everyone ; ) G

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