Free picture merging software

  phil.smith 10:30 13 Apr 2005

Morning all

Does anyone know of a free piece of software which will enable me to merge two pictures together to form one long picture i.e. I took two photos of a large scene and want to put them together to make one large scene?



  Yoda Knight 10:52 13 Apr 2005

Cant you do that with MS Paint ?

Open the 1st pic, copy it. Open the 2nd pic, paste next to it.
Or create a new blank pic equal to the size of the two together and then paste both into the new one.

  phil.smith 10:55 13 Apr 2005

Thanks Yoda Knight

What about if I want to overlap the two photos to get continuity?


  Yoda Knight 10:58 13 Apr 2005

dunno what other FREE software to advise, although you might get a trial version of something you could use. Try Paintshop Pro from JASC or Corel Draw

  Technotiger 11:00 13 Apr 2005

Hi, have not used it myself, but have seen lots of good reports on here - might do what you want.

Free Download
Organize, find, edit, print & share Try Picasa - Free from Google
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  Technotiger 11:01 13 Apr 2005

ps - I have PhotoSuite (not free) which does do what you want and much more.

  pj123 11:09 13 Apr 2005

Not free but I use Ulead Cool 360. Makes panoramic photo's easy. Has auto stitching (up to a point) but very easy to use. You can dowload it from click here

or try the 15 day free trial.

  ventanas 11:22 13 Apr 2005

What you are asking is beyond the scope of most image editors without a lot of work, because hues are certain to differ in the adjoining photos. Software that does the job properly without any hassle is very expensive. I use this one click here

You can do it PSP using the method suggested by Yoda Knight, but, as I said, you will have a lot to do to make the resulting image look natural.

  Technotiger 11:29 13 Apr 2005

PhotoSuite does it very easily - I have merged five photos seamlessly to create one panorama.

And I am no expert. Cheers.

  ventanas 11:45 13 Apr 2005

I can't comment on Photosuite because I've never used it, but to be honest even Photoshop requires that a lot of editing be done when merging is attempted. Of course it can be done, its just that Stitcher does it much more easily.

  Demora 11:50 13 Apr 2005

Casio camera owners have panoramic software on the cd with there cameras. I may have a cd knocking around somwwhere

The only thing on there website is an upgrade.

Can't comment on the programme never had to use it and gone over to Fuji now

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