free photo resizing software

  MERKY 19:45 03 Jan 2010

Can any one recommend a free photo resizing software for xp to resize photos for email sending etc.

  GaT7 19:46 03 Jan 2010

Paint.Net click here will do this.

It's one of my favourite free programs. G

  skidzy 21:21 03 Jan 2010

Shrinkpic will do this automatically for you click here

  mooly 08:11 04 Jan 2010

Paint (built in Windows one :)) has a resize option... that's all I use for emailing pics.

  BT 08:12 04 Jan 2010

If you click on the picture in the folder there is an option in XP in the File and Folder tasks that says 'Email this picture'. If you click on this it will then give you the option to make the picture smaller for Emailing.

  keef66 16:04 04 Jan 2010

You can get an image resizer from Microsoft. It's under the PowerToys for Win XP. I pointed this out to my entire department to stop them emailing me cripplingly large photos

  GaT7 16:36 04 Jan 2010

Link to MS Image Resizer click here as suggested by keef66.

Can't argue with any of those suggestions for resizing pics - Paint.Net will resize them & a lot more. G

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