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  highside 09:35 17 Oct 2008

Is there a free version of Acronis Disk Director or not.
I want to simply repartition my C drive and Vista greys out the 'increase section' (as per threads already on the site)
So I have attempted to download Acronis several times from sites offering free download but after taking my personal details the program turns out to be a non working demo and asks for purchase.
Is this the situation?
Thanks for looking and any advice.

  Technotiger 09:40 17 Oct 2008

I would advise you to buy Acronis, not only for Partitioning but for making full backups of your entire System, preferably saving the backups on an external hard drive.

However, click here for free partitioning software.

  cocteau48 09:49 17 Oct 2008

I would agree with Technotiger that Acronis is the first choice.... but for an unrestricted free alternative : click here

  Pamy 09:59 17 Oct 2008
  highside 10:47 17 Oct 2008

Thanks to all. I don't as a rule mind buying whatever I need but isn't it odd that we could all keep buying package after package, to use partially and once only, to correct something that shouldn't need correcting in the first place.
OK maybe I should have realized (but I didn't) that my nice new laptop was going to default and set it's 140 GB HD to a C and D partition and share it equally between the two.
Once it had done that there is no easy way to change it without buying another propietry package. Even worse Vista appears to have an easy recovery program just for the purpose but that program does not allow you to increase the C section.

  ventanas 11:48 17 Oct 2008

Disk Director has problems with Vista. I've got it on this machine and have just tried it again - blocked due to compatibility issues. There are also problems with UAC blocking parts of it.

The only reason its still there is because I'm still hoping for an update from Acronis who are well aware of this issue.

  Ozy 12:38 17 Oct 2008

vita can partition itself.
on the desktop right click computer,
click "manage" click, "computer management"
at the bottom under storage, click disk management,
you will then see all your drives and partitions,
right clck the partition you want to shrink,
in the dropdown menu click shrink, it will then show you how much you can shrink it by,or you can type in the size you next,
it will then show you your new partition,
this must be formated, so right click the new partition, in the dropdown menu click format,
after format it will reboot and you will be able to see your new partition in computer

  mfletch 13:58 17 Oct 2008

I use this excellent free partition manager

EASEUS Partition Manager V2.0

click here

  highside 16:30 17 Oct 2008

In view of what Ventanas says I will hold on the Acronis for now, must admit the demo seemed very straightforward.
Tried EASEUS this PM but got into trouble.
My laptop has C and D partitions, with the D being a backup only of C. 70GB each.
I shrank D and elected to increase C which had only 40GB used so far of 70.
The program shrank D OK but shut down giving errors before completing the requests. Unfortunately I didnt record the message but elected to reboot to windows as the alternative on offer was to insert system disc. All this happened in DOS.
I have used the program since to return D to its original size but Too nervous to try the whole thing again.

  highside 16:38 26 Nov 2008

Ran EASUAS again no problem at all !!!!!

  mfletch 17:16 26 Nov 2008

Newer version of EASEUS

Easeus Partition Manager 2.1

click here

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