Free or trial DVD burner.

  curlylad 11:03 13 Sep 2004

I want to start learning about DVD burning/copying to safe guard my original copies.
I dont know much about which are the best software packages available so can any one suggest a free DVD burner or free trial so I can have a try of it , then perhaps purchase a full version ?

  TomJerry 11:05 13 Sep 2004

you can get fully functional demo from click here

  curlylad 11:10 13 Sep 2004

Where is the free download ?
I had a look and it said it would be available soon , am I looking in the wrong place ?

  Stuartli 11:30 13 Sep 2004

New November issue of PC Advisor has DeepBurner on the cover disk.

  Stuartli 11:32 13 Sep 2004

Nero6 can be downloaded for 30-day trial but then you'll have to pay to keep it...:-)

  Stuartli 11:34 13 Sep 2004

Missed out fact that CDBurnerXP Pro is also on the cover disk - according to page 160 of the magazine some users rate them higher than Nero.

Only used Nero and EasyCD creator (prefer former) so can't comment on that statement.

  curlylad 11:46 13 Sep 2004

It says you need a serial code to use the download , I dont have a serial code so the download is useless to me .I still need afree download guys.

  mgmcc 12:43 13 Sep 2004

<< I still need afree download guys >>

"CDBurnerXP Pro" is very good and free click here if you haven't got the November PCA cover disk yet.

  Stuartli 12:54 13 Sep 2004

The Nero website provides the current Nero6 version for download here:

click here

Ahead, who produce Nero, update about once a month to include the latest burner models and add features or, maybe, fix minor bugs.

If you read the page it states clearly, as usual, that the latest version will be available soon - it doesn't preclude you from trying Nero or even sticking with the demo version if you decide to acquire it.

You are only likely to need a serial number if you decide to buy, otherwise the demo will time itself out after the trial period.

All that the serial number does, once you have made payment to obtain it, is cancel the timeout as well as enable you to update free each time the amended version is released.


If you go to the demo download page, as I have just done, you will find that the new version IS available for download. The link is top right.

  Stuartli 12:56 13 Sep 2004

You will still need to download the demo version first. The new version is aimed at those who have already paid for Nero6 - demos are an earlier version.

You'll also find, if you attempt to install a demo of Nero6 from a magazine cover disk that is a few months old, that the installation will be barred and a more up to date version required.

  Stuartli 12:58 13 Sep 2004

Posted too quickly..:-)

The reason for the demo version not currently being available is due to the new one being released - Ahead will release the demo pretty quickly.

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