Free or inexpensive mapping software

  puma22 10:04 09 Mar 2012


I wondered if someone could help me. What I want to be able to do is to place on a map the position of individual people. I need to be able to have this information in a picture format that I can then put into word and other presentations. Is there any software out there that would enable me to do this?


  john bunyan 11:17 09 Mar 2012

In W7, You could use Google maps to show the map you want. Then use the snipping tool to copy to clipboard. If you have a photo software (Iuse Photoshop) but the free (or any photo software with a layer function) should so it, you could use a layer option to add the locations you want.(after imprting the map in jpeg format)

  lotvic 11:24 09 Mar 2012

You could use Google maps or do a search for Street map in google or other search engine for different maps then you can just do a screenshot of map and save as a picture (jpg etc) then open pic in your photo editing software program (paint,, photoshop etc) and place your people on it where you want, then save it and you have a pic that you can insert into word etc.

If you don't want the google marker of the street showing in your pic, choose a street that is nearby but not in the area you want in your pic, then grab the screen and move the map view to the part you do want.

Tip: work on a copy of the map screenshot picture you have saved then you can easily go back to original to make another copy with no people on it and start again.

  lotvic 11:27 09 Mar 2012

jb, Snap, we seem to be on the same wavelength (true Earthlings) :))

  puma22 11:46 09 Mar 2012

Thanks to both of you - this sounds like a plan - I'm a bit of a noddy on this though and so need some help with the steps. First, I do know how to take screen-shots, but normally just then paste into word. How would I get the google map into a photo. Second, not sure if I have picture editing software on the PC. I have windows 7 and also have a cannon printer. Will picture editing software come with these or would I have to download something else?

Thanks again

  john bunyan 11:51 09 Mar 2012

lotvic Yeah! See posts in Mallard thread!!

  john bunyan 12:01 09 Mar 2012

puma There is a very basic photo software in W7 - Paint. But it is too basic. There are lots of paid for photo editing programmes, varying in price from £600 for Photoshop CS5 (professional use) to free. Of the free ones many here reccomend Paint. net:

I would download and play with it. To get a good screen shot , in W7 there is a useful utility: Snipping tool. I have a shortcut of it in my task bar - to get it go to start/all programmes/accessories Snipping tool, then right click and pin to task bar. Get your Google map up on screen and launch snipping tool; drag it to snip it bit you want. then copy the snip. Open the software of paint then paste the snip.Look at help on to see how to use layers.

  puma22 12:48 09 Mar 2012

Ah, wonderful! I now have a map open in paint! Thank you for the support and advice.

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