Free or CHEAP web design software

  Camille 17:06 31 Jul 2003

Can anyone recommend an easy to use, preferably free (or at least very cheap), program for designing a web site?

  timber 18:26 31 Jul 2003

best free service is your own ideas
put them on paper and then sort out what you want .


  Lú-tzé 18:33 31 Jul 2003

A good WHSIWYG (what you see is what you get) is from Serif: click here

click here for a direct link to WebPlus 6.

All it takes is an emaail address and the download time.

  Patr100 00:03 01 Aug 2003

It's a while since I have used it but if you can get hold of a coverdisk with Netscape 6 - the full suite came with Netscape Composer which was a WYSIWYG web page maker. 00:47 01 Aug 2003

I see this question asked, and give the same answer. Whichever company you choose to host your site, supplies all the tools you need to create and maintain a website. If they dont, try another one, all the major ones do this. You may have to suffer a few ads on your site but that's fair enough.

Try click here or Bravenet, there are too many to list. Good luck, Whiz...

  Camille 01:47 01 Aug 2003

My ISP provides free web space, so I don't see any point in looking anywhere else for hosting. They also offer a web design tool, but this is only on a 28 day approval. I had a copy of FrontPage, but when my pc died the software went with it!

I did search the archive before posting this - perhaps my search terms weren't good enough to find all those questions ;)

thanks for all the suggestions anyway - I'm off to have a look.

  anchor 09:36 01 Aug 2003

Front Page Express is a "cut-down" version of Front Page, and used to be given away free with Windows prior to the release of Win98-SE.

The US version can still be downloaded free from here

click here

A tutorial for it is here

click here

This should get you started.

  anchor 09:51 01 Aug 2003

Another download free site is here, (European English version)

click here

  Gaz 25 19:14 03 Aug 2003

Notepad is free....

It is quite easy once you get a few online websites read up about HTML, etc.


Every site starts with:



<TITLE>My site</TITLE>



<H1> HEADER </H1>



---Copy from <HTML> to </HTML into notepad and save as all files, myfistpage.html

See the results in IE.

You can then go on to changing backgrounds using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or HTML.

Alignment, and even add Javascript features such as the ones from click here

Good luck.


PS. You can otherwise use Microsoft word, create a documnet and save as webapge, get free software of Cover disks or the Serif web designer.

  Camille 22:36 03 Aug 2003

for the suggestions. I promised my class I'd set up a site with lesson resources and have panicked somewhat since I lost my copy of Frontpage.

  Aspman 11:51 05 Aug 2003

Keep an eye on coputer magazine covers. PCW came with a free copy of Netobjects Fusion 4 this month.

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