Free or Cheap back up Software

  Bargee 09:29 03 Jan 2012


I'm looking for a free or cheap back up utility to enable me to back up specific files onto a memory stick or external drive. The one that comes with my XP Home is, frankly, useless for my needs. It will not save a specific task for you to launch as you want to, it will only perform scheduled tasks which I'm not really interested in as my PC is only used sporadically & so scheduled back ups are pointless. If I want to use it to perform a back up there & then, I have to select the files first & then start & it would actually be quicker to copy & paste! The old Win2k version of back up was great as I could save a back up as a specific job to use when I wanted.

I've looked through the forum history, but those programs & some of the links are several years out of date. I'm looking for something more current.


  ICF 09:47 03 Jan 2012

I use the program to backup/sync my files Goodsync

  iscanut 10:13 03 Jan 2012

Not exactly a back up program, but excellent for keeping backups in sync with one another

  spuds 10:57 03 Jan 2012

You might find something from either of these two websites?.

  Bargee 16:20 03 Jan 2012

Thanks for all the links guys.

I've tried one or two & I find that they seem to be slower than using a simple copy/paste. I've set the XP backup as a scheduled daily back up at a time when the PC is likely to be on & I'll see what happens.


  storegrid 08:21 04 Jan 2012

Seems you were looking for an free software that want to backup your files and folders to external drive or mapped drives of the same computer. Vembu StoreGrid does meet your requirements completely. Worth giving it a try, if you haven't came across StoreGrid previously. Since its completely FREE for unlimited local backups to external drive and also you can configure ad-hoc backup when and as required.

You can download Vembu StoreGrid Client for Windows from the following URL -

Once installed you can configure UNLIMITED local backup for FREE (to your external disks/mapped drives).

  compumac 08:55 04 Jan 2012

I use AllwaySync that backs up specific datathat has changed to an external drive at 5/10 minute intervals to an external drive and backs up ALL my data that has changed at 30 minute intervals to another external drive. I have not noticed any slowing down of the PC and it is all done in the background.

  spuds 09:45 04 Jan 2012


If your product is completely FREE, why does your website suggest that you require a test licence or pricing quote?.

  storegrid 10:02 04 Jan 2012


I mentioned in my previous post that UNLIMITED local backup for FREE or completely FREE for unlimited local backups. Its TRUE and you can verify yourself with the client software from my previous post link.

If your product is completely FREE, why does your website suggest that you require a test licence or pricing quote?.

You would require test license only if you are backing up to another computer within the same network or to Remote computer through internet. In this case, you would need license to test it out for REMOTE or ONLINE backup.

Hope this makes clear!!

  jamesmartin86 15:45 31 Jan 2012

I've used several and have been very happy with MYPCBackup. I think once you try them, you'll agree that nobody else can touch them in terms of quality, customer service and security.

  Diemmess 16:58 31 Jan 2012

I have been well pleased with free EZBackitup recommended by a forum member years ago.

It is not a system backup

You can set it to copy any files for any destination. a single click will start the copying. It will only replace changed files and add new ones, but the list can be modified to suit your needs. First time may take a long time if you have huge data folders. After that the program with only a few entries to make runs quickly.

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